Planning to Master Mixed Martial Arts? Learn the Basics First

by James Spencer Blogger

In order to master any sport, you need to undergo rigorous training and practice. However, even before you pick it up, knowing the basics will help you immensely in a number of ways. This is the same in the case of Mixed Martial Arts.

If you have planned to take up MMA training before you actually start it, you need to be aware of some of its basics. This will help you to get an idea of things that you go through during the early days of training.

Building the Endurance Needed in Martial Arts

Martial Art is after all, not easy and it’s not anybody’s cup of tea. In order to be good at it, one has to have an elite degree of physical and mental endurance before anything else. 

Before one masters the art of MMA, the person has to learn the art of earning the physical stamina and preserve it for a prolonged period. For that, the average fitness level has to increase significantly. To make that happen, the preliminary stages of MMA training consist of running on every alternate day.

This is coupled with a series of cardio exercises. The type of activities recommended may vary from one trainee to another, taking into the physical structure and other medical details. If this is the way an ideal training starts, sprint drills are then added to the Mixed Martial Arts Training chart in Kolkata after a couple of weeks or so. This is done to take the endurance to the next level. Regular jogging and walking are also added to the chart by some trainers.

Learning the Art of Grappling

Grappling is the fundamental of every MMA fight. This is the technique a fighter uses to overpower the other when the latter is grounded. It is impossible to be a quality MMA fighter without mastering the art of grappling. 

There are various aspects of grappling that one has to learn. There is positional grappling, which is again, the very basic of grappling technique. Then there is the art of taking down that the trainee has to master. This art has come from Judo and BJJ or the Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

The Basic MMA Strikes

MMA is mainly consisted of hitting the opponent. The win or loss depends upon how successful the fighter is, in hitting the opponent in various ways. Hence, a trainer from the best gym in Kolkata will also train on the different fundamental striking techniques. The may include jabs, hooks and punches, leg and round kicks and elbow strikes.

The elementary aspects are not only about learning the fundamentals, but it also involves developing the speed and force for the hits, flexibility and reflex of the limbs and the art of using the palm, elbow, knees and legs for the hits.

Learning the art of defending from these hits is also a part of the fundamental training. It also includes the art of delivering the counter strikes immediately after defending them.

So all these make up the fundamental training of MMA, though the more one gets into the training, the broader and more detailed aspects of MMA are taught. It is, to say the least, not easy and it needs a lot of time, patience and practice to be a master MMA fighter. After all, nothing can be achieved in short!

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