Planning an SEO strategy to position your website, is it really worth it?

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A well thought out SEO strategy for your website in the long run costs you much less than paid web marketing campaigns


Starting an SEO business can cost a lot in economic terms, but is it really so?


Some entrepreneurs are convinced that planning an SEO strategist to position your website is something very expensive, and actually at first glance it might seem correct, but the reality is that the reason for this belief stems from the "lack of knowledge" of the sector and the its functioning in detail. Certainly its initial cost depends on the fact that it is not possible to apply the same strategy for all sites and for all businesses, but for each situation a new strategy must be studied, from scratch, that takes into account all the factors that affect positioning and on visibility.


Google uses around 200 ranking factors to position and give merit to one site rather than another, but it is careful not to say which are in detail, to which if it gives us indications.


These indications are then those that, with perseverance, experience and knowledge, lead an SEO agency to position and obtain the result for the customer.


Furthermore, it is a job that brings results not immediately, but after a certain period of "uninterrupted" work.


The work is also technical, for actions made to technically improve the site in many aspects, and content, to create, organize and write texts in an SEO perspective. At each action, then, the progress of the work done in special tools must be checked


So is investing in SEO really worth it?


In the entrepreneur's mind the doubt arises: is it not better then to invest in the PPC sponsored paid campaign? Well, if it is true that pay per click (paid ads on Google ADS, AdWords, Facebook etc ..) leads to immediate visibility, it is equally true that this visibility will last until you stop paying!


Furthermore, in very competitive sectors the figures can become important and in the long run this expenditure becomes unsustainable if not accompanied by other strategies.


But let's analyze why and how we can optimize ROI with an SEO strategy and why it is really necessary not to neglect this activity for our website.


In the long term, SEO has a much lower cost than paid web marketing campaigns.


SEO, although it may cost more at the beginning, will lead to a less volatile and temporary result, which will continue even after you stop paying. It is also important to know that 95% of all web traffic passes through organic results, that is, those not paid.

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You should also know that between 70% and 80% of surfers totally ignore sponsored results and concentrate organic ones. The result of an organic search is the result of an active search action by the user, so here we are "magically" present and we show ourselves to him with content relevant to his research and when he searches for it.


We just need the click, once it's done it's done. L' by getting help now also from the profiled campaigns, we can target our advertising investments to the right audience.


PPC campaigns are therefore ideal when it is necessary to give immediate visibility to a temporary offer or momentary promotions, for which you do not have the time necessary for an SEO optimization and positioning campaign, but if we have a long-term project Generally, SEO is the best and necessary strategy to be activated as soon as we decide to create a website or present ourselves online with a business.


Okay, so in conclusion? Which strategy is more fair?


So it is better for us to do SEO in the long run! Of course, the SEO campaign must follow precise rules to follow otherwise you risk frustrating or making the job more difficult, but proportionally you reach many more users at the lowest cost if you rely on an expert SEO services in Rhode Island. Of course you have to organize yourself with specific strategies to manage the requests but in the end if you want to grow that's a must.


The secret therefore is in measuring the investments, which "surely" must foresee the SEO strategy as a base, then supported by many others such as the PPC campaigns and not only to optimize the result and make the conversions (CPA / CPC) to a sustainable relationship and best possible.

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