Pink Diamond Engagement Rings – Reasons to Choose

by Australian Diamond Company Engagement Rings
It’s no secret that pink diamond engagement rings are having a major moment. Pink is a symbol of romance, tenderness and compassion. The rarity of pink diamonds makes it just as unique and beautiful as the person that receives one. Pink diamond rings can come in an assortment of hues from natural pink and sapphires to warmer tones. Whenever you plan on proposing presenting her with a pink diamond ring speaks volumes the beauty, rarity and mystery of your love. 
Here are some reasons why you should propose with pink diamond rings.

  • Represents Compassion

Pink colour has been associated with sweeter emotions which date back to Elizabethan Era (1558-1603) where pink was thought to represent happiness, tenderness, innocence and delight. People are going for pink diamonds as they exhibit their emotions in a distinct manner and that perfectly represents their personality. So to express your love, a pink diamond whispers romance. Just like true love, pink diamond is a rare thing. As said above pink diamonds come in an assortment of colours like orange, purple or brown that modifies its predominant pink colour. GIA uses purplish pink, orangy pink and brownish pink terms to describe the modified colours of pink diamonds. These beauties are as stunning as a natural pink diamond with no additional colour, but pink diamonds with no modifying colour are a bit more uncommon.
  • Incredibly Rare

Pink diamonds are produced in very small quantities in a specific part of the world. Almost all of the world’s pink diamond supply comes from a mine in remote area of Western Australia-The Argyle Mine. Historically, pink diamonds have come from India, South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia, but today 90% of the world’s supply comes from Argyle mine that started production in 1983. Since they are found in just one place all over the world so are rare and beautifully crafted. The rarity and beauty of pink diamonds has led to its extreme popularity and this combination makes for some very pricy diamonds. In fact, the most expensive diamond ever sold was a 5.00 carat cushion shaped fancy vivid pink.
  • Breathtakingly Beautiful

Pink diamonds are among the rarest of diamonds and come in breathtakingly beautiful shades of pastel pink, ranging from coral (pinkish orange) to bubblegum pink or dark pink ranging from sherry colour to cedar (brownish pink). While pink diamonds contain nitrogen impurities that give the diamond a pink colour the rarest and hardest to find colour comes from the plastic deformation of the lattice structure while the diamond is formed from heat and pressure. Diamonds are mined in form of rough crystals and then diamond designers skilfully bring out their beauty which ultimately ends in a spectacular piece of jewellery cherished for life by the wearer. 

So, if you want to take your loved one’s breathe away, you cannot do better than propose with a pink diamond engagement ring. Buy it from Australian Diamond Company. 

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