Pilates During Your CME Will Improve Your Body

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Did you know that you can improve your body during your CME cruise? Yes, that’s correct. Your CME program can provide you with activities to tone your body, and achieve a healthy weight.

Some health professionals may see continuing medical education sessions quite monotonous and boring. Physicians need to improve their bodies and enhance their bodily functions through exercise activities like Pilates.

CME cruises offer Pilates. This is a form of exercise that improves the center of your body – your core. Pilates was introduced during the 1920s to American citizens by Joseph Pilates to help dancers and athletes who had injuries to go back to exercise and fitness. Then through time, this session became a phenomenon.


Through safe and easy sessions during the cruise, hardworking doctors can achieve these:

A Better Body Shape

Pilates exercise sessions tones your muscles, especially your abs! Pilates will help you shape your body. After doing daily sessions, you will not only see a slimmer look, but also a better appearance for your body. 

Pilates is a very good toning exercise for health professionals. It eases doctors in doing their everyday activities, in and out of the clinic. It is easy and anyone of any age can do it.

Improved Body Strength

Body strength is important, especially those who are involved in the medical field such as physicians. Pilates sessions will help you build the strength that you need in your physique. Also, it increases your flexibility and muscular endurance.

Having improved body strength provides health benefits for physicians. Strengthening the body reduces the chances of muscle mass depletion and bone fracture. Doctors need to build stronger muscles and bones to work better in the medical field.

As doctors, improving your body strength will make you feel lighter, better, and stronger while doing your daily routines in the hospital or your clinic.

An Enhanced Mobility

Mobility is an important physical skill. Since one of Pilates’ goals is to enhance the balance in the body, it enhances the bodily functions to move lighter and faster than the usual.

Working on the area of health demands quickness and agility. Trying Pilates will make your movements become smooth and graceful. This makes you do your physical activities as a physician faster and more efficient. 

A Rehabilitated Body

Being a doctor that works 24/7, injuries are unavoidable. Occasionally, some doctors could experience joint paints or muscle fatigue due to rigid movement while on the job. 

Pilates can heal injuries, safely. Scientific researches show that doing Pilates exercise sessions helps rehabilitate or prevent injuries related to muscle imbalances, rehabilitate your joint and spinal injuries, and prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

Pilates helps you with your flexibility, too. A flexible physician has better and faster movement compared to others who aren’t - this makes them more effective as health professionals.

A Peaceful Mind and Soul

According to scientific studies, doctors have higher stress levels than the general population, 18% of these doctors experience stress on the job. Therefore, medical professionals like to need some time to unwind and meditate.

Pilates improves your concentration. Through lung-strengthening exercises that help you breathe easier, it contributes to the enhancement of your concentration skills. An improved concentration can greatly affect your mindset as a physician, you are more focused and energized while doing your rounds.

Pilates also improves your stress management and relaxation. Yes, you read that correctly – it helps you relax. Since Pilates promotes safe exercise sessions, it helps you de-stress and relax by easing your muscles. Even a week-long de-stressing can help you when you get back as a doctor. A stress-free doctor is a happy doctor.

Proper and correct breathing makes you be one with nature. This is another goal of Pilates too. Meaning, Pilates will enable you to heal not only your body but also your soul.

Rhone River Cruise

There are lots of CME cruises out there, and you need to make sure that your CME river cruise offers amazing services and amenities such as Pilates with proper training equipment. Contact us and let’s talk about how you improve your body while you learn, have fun, and travel.

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