Physical Therapy As A Beneficial And Safe Arthritis Pain Treatment

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Arthritis is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a collective term used for over a hundred joint damaging conditions. While there are surgical options for arthritis, physical therapy is one of the Non Surgical Treatments that is an alternative to Arthritis Pain Treatment. 

There are more than a million people worldwide who face serious arthritis. It is a condition that affects the joints and causes excruciating pain and inflammation. This drastically affects the patient's quality of life and makes even normal activities difficult for them. We utilize our joints for almost every task, and when they become unreliable, then those simple tasks seem really tough. Due to the unbearable symptoms, people worldwide seek Arthritis Pain Treatment and OA Pain Treatment. Generally, medical experts recommend people get surgery, but due to the fear of side effects, time for recovery post-operation, etc., people seek Non Surgical Treatments. Physical therapy is an excellent non-invasive option. 

So let's learn more about Physical therapy and how it is beneficial against arthritis:- 

     How does Physical therapy work?

     What are the benefits of physical therapy for arthritis pain management?

     What are the types of physical therapy for arthritis pain management?


How does Physical therapy work? 

Physical therapy is a form of rehabilitation that focuses on restoring function and reducing pain. This is done through exercise, stretching, and other techniques. In the case of arthritis patients, physical therapy isn't harsh and intense, unlike a workout but instead aims to improve joint mobility, reduce pain, and increase strength and endurance. The expert will curate a specialized plan which may include a combination of exercises, manual therapy, and other modalities, all suiting the specific needs of the patients. 

What are the benefits of physical therapy for arthritis pain management?


The benefits of physical therapy against arthritis can be summed up as follows:-


Improves joint mobility: 

Arthritis restraints the mobility in the patient's joints. Physical therapy can help improve joint mobility by increasing the range of motion and decreasing stiffness. This can make it easier to perform daily activities and improve the overall quality of life. 

A simple task like reaching something above or bending down to tie shoe laces can be painful for arthritic patients. Physical therapy can help an arthritis patient to do all this with less pain and with ease. 

Reduces pain: 

Arthritis's main symptom is severe pain and inflammation in the joints, and thus, physical therapy's primary aim is to provide pain relief. Therapists use a combination of modalities, including heat therapy, cold therapy, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation, to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected joints. In addition, the exercises and stretches performed can reduce the amount of pressure and pain felt in the joint. 

Improves strength and endurance: 

This condition deteriorates not only the quality of life but also the joint and muscular strength. Physical therapy can help improve muscle strength and endurance, which can make it easier to perform daily activities without pain or discomfort. Strengthening the muscles around the affected joint can help alleviate some of this pain and improve overall function. The extra strength provides support to the weak parts, which eventually makes things better. 

Helps prevent further damage: 

Physical therapy can also help prevent further damage to the affected joint. Physical therapy can help reduce the risk of falls and other injuries that can further damage the joint as the muscles around the joint are strengthened, and their endurance is improved. As the patient proceeds through therapy, their joints become capable of bearing the shock from harsh movements and accidental injuries. This increases the longevity of the joints.


What are the types of physical therapy for arthritis pain management?


There are several types of physical therapy that can be effective for arthritis symptoms, such as:- 

     Range of motion exercises: These are exercises that help improve joint mobility by gently moving the affected joint through its full range of motion. 

     Strengthening exercises: These exercises help improve muscle strength around the affected joint. It will reduce the pressure on the joint and deliver relief from pain. 

     Low-impact aerobic exercise: This includes exercises like walking, cycling, and swimming. These activities can help improve the cardiovascular health and the overall fitness of the patient. They will not put excessive strain on the affected joints and deliver benefits. 

     Manual therapy: Massage, joint mobilization, and stretching fall under manual therapy. They can help improve joint mobility and reduce pain. 

     Heat and cold therapy: Both heat and cold can be utilized against arthritis. Heat therapy can help improve blood flow to the affected joint and reduce pain; in contrast, cold therapy can help reduce inflammation and swelling. 


Author's Bio: 

The author of this article is an expert in physical therapy and has years of experience with arthritis patients and people met with accidents. He wants to help people in need with his content.

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