Perioral Dermatitis – Cause, Symptoms And Perfect Treatment

by Mama Nature Health & Beauty
Sometimes, you might see some inflammatory rashes, which are involving the skin around the mouth area. If you are facing such unwanted situation, chances are high that you might be suffering from perioral dermatitis. This rash can easily spread up to the nose or even covering your eye regions. During that instance, you might have to catch up with pros dealing with periorificial dermatitis. Depending on the present scenario of the rash, the treatments are subject to differ quite a bit.

More about the skin disease:

This form of skin disease will appear usually as a red bumpy rash or a scaly one around the mouth region. There might be some clearer fluid discharge as well. Slight itching followed by redness and burning sensation might also take place. This form of skin rash is pretty common among women between the age group of 16 and 45 years. However, you can see its occurrences in all races, ages and ethnicities. It might sometimes occur among children as well. So, without proper treatment, cases of such diseases might go away but there are changes of them reappearing soon after. These episodes might last for weeks and even months.

Causes behind such issues:

The main cause of perioral dermatitis is pretty much unknown. But, experts will always suggest that it might occur after using stronger topical steroids right on your skin. These are mainly prescribed to treat some of the other conditions. Some of the nasal sprays containing corticosteroids might cause such skin diseases as well. Apart from that, some of the ingredients in cosmetics might cause such skin rashes as well. Heavy skin cream comprising of petrolatum or even paraffin base can easily worsen the condition.

Symptoms to work out on:

Learning about the symptoms of such skin rashes beforehand can save you a lot of time and can actually help you start off with the treatment as soon as possible. These conditions will appear mostly as rashes of red bumps around mouths and within the folds around nose. These bumps are a bit scaly in appearance and might also appear under eyes, on foreheads and even on your chin. The smaller bumps might have fluids or pus and will resemble like acne. You might experience some symptoms like itching or burning, mainly when the rash worsens.

Get the treatment now:

It is always good to get treatment for such scaly rashes right when those are in their initial stages. You can always try to work on the cruelty free skin care from the reputed centers and dermatologist’s help. It is true that there are some organic ointments and solutions available, perfect for all skin type and can help you get rid of the issues from the core.

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