Peril to the world - Alone in the world, except for Australia

by Emily John Digital Marketing Service Provider

Peril to the world - Alone in the world, except for Australia, the United States is separated from the outside world by thousands of miles of ocean and bordered on the north and south by harmless neighbors.   Every other country has threats on its near borders, but not the United States.   This has inculcated a sense of Americans’ absolute invulnerability and freedom to do anything we want anywhere else in the world.  We can conduct war anywhere we want, and, except for the few American soldiers killed, the havoc, death, and destruction in other countries have no effect on us.  

Our invulnerability and lack of threat to ourselves have led us to threaten everybody else, because we know that the consequences of our threats, thousands of miles away,  will be infinitely worse for everybody else than they will be for us.   All other countries focus on their near borders, not halfway around the world.

Absence of restraint leads to even more excess and our impunity has led us to one excess after another.    The more you can do anything you want without consequences, the more you want to take advantage of it, bordering on inflicting cruelty for its own sake, and we, the richest country in the world, conduct war, not only halfway around the world, but only in impoverished, powerless  countries. 

This freedom from consequences has led us to operate far from our shores, and we have, therefore, had to find a justification for it and named the most unlikely places in the world “of strategic importance” to us.    Since we don’t know anything about places this far away, we declare places “of strategic importance” to us ones we don’t know anything about.   The history of the last few decades makes this abundantly clear.

We reside perfectly happily in our own comfort and threaten everybody else, snug in our own security and terrorizing freely the rest of the world, the key to being able to do this the snugness of our own security.   As a result, no country causes more conflict and more deaths all over the world than the United States, and the conflicts and deaths we accuse others of causing were originally brought on by the United States, a good example ISIS, the result of the instability caused by America’s invasion of Iraq.

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