Performance Of Winter Tyres During Cold Months

by Silver Garage Car Tyres Yeadon, Leeds

Due to changing weather, drivers require to have one set of summer tyres and another winter set. Summer tyres are made to provide optimum performance during hot months whereas winter tyres help you cope with severe winter conditions. These tyres are supposed to have certain features that make these tyres compatible for the related season.

This blog is about winter tyres that are also known as snow tyres. Winter tyres are developed for cold conditions. It means they have to function on snowy or cold roads while the temperature is below 7 degrees C.

Winter tyres are made with high-grade material that is going to remain flexible on cold roads. Moreover, these tyres' tread design is made to support the vehicle when it is running on slippery, cold, and snowy roads. Nowadays, a tyre's performance is measured with some common factors like grip, rolling resistance, wet performance etc.

These factors help the drivers to have an exact idea about the quality of the tyre.

Let us have a look at the common performance factors related to the performance of winter tyres.


Winter tyres are designed to function optimally when the temperature is below 70C. Moreover, these tyres' tread design is supposed to support the tyre on snowy and icy roads.

Braking distance:

On slippery and snowy roads, we have to look at the performance features like braking distance certainly. Winter tyres are the best performers in terms of braking distance during cold conditions.

Both on icy or wet roads, the braking distance will be at the optimum level, if you have installed winter tyres in your car.

Road holding capacity:

Winter tyres Yeadon are made with specially chosen material that does not harden in winter months. Moreover, the tyres have tiny sipes on the surface to improve grip on the snowy surfaces.

Wet performance:

Getting proper traction in wet conditions is the most challenging task for a tyre, but winter tyres' unique design makes it possible to overcome aquaplaning. The tread pattern of winter tyres has a unique tread pattern that disperses more water to eliminate skidding risk.

As you see, winter tyres show optimum performance on snowy roads. These tyres can remain at the highest level while we take performance factors into considerations. It is also clear that winter tyres are specially designed for winter conditions. It means you cannot use these tyres in summer season as all-season tyres.

In hot conditions, winter tyres will not be able to perform correctly. Moreover, they will start to wear faster. Thus, you should use winter tyres when severe cold conditions are ready to keep you at risk.

When do you need winter tyres, indeed?

You need Winter Tyres Leeds if you live in a region where it is compulsory to use winter tyres in cold months. You require winter tyres if you frequently travel during severe cold conditions.

You also need winter tyres if you live in a place where winter months are deadly in temperature and snowfalls. However, all-season Tyres may serve your needs in moderate conditions, and you do not need to have two sets of tyres.

All-season tyres have sufficient features to perform in both cold and hot conditions. Finally, you have to look at your own goals and requirement if you want to choose the best seasonal tyres.

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