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Penis Enlargement Bible

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Liu Tong said: "Ideals sometimes have to be supported by work, but ideals cannot disappear, because future life will also depend on ideals to survive. The curve saves the country, hobbies and reality coexist, and there is always a moment of complementarity." Before you can't support your ambitions, please steadfastly find a job and fill your stomach first.

I am not opposed to taking my hobby as a full-time job, but resigning or becoming a freelancer needs to be on the right time, not blindly.

The famous Japanese novelist Junichi Watanabe worked as a surgeon for 10 years before he started writing full-time, and he abandoned medicine and went to work at the age of 35. At that time, heart transplant surgery was still being tried in Japan, and the technology was very unskilled. The Sapporo Medical University where Watanabe Junichi was located happened to have such an operation.

Once, Watanabe Junichi questioned the death of a heart provider during an operation, and believed that the patient was not brain dead. Unexpectedly, this action offended the authority in the hospital and made him unable to stay any longer, so he submitted his resignation and chose to leave.

Watanabe Junichi was in his thirties when he resigned, and it stands to reason that he already had a certain material foundation. But even if he went to Tokyo later, he would still go to a local hospital every Wednesday to be a doctor to support himself. He shredded this experience and wrote it into the novel "Shadowless Lamp". It can be said that it is based on local materials.

"China Youth Daily" interviewed him and asked him if he became a full-time writer by accident. He said, yes, so to speak. If the hospital I was in did not carry out such an operation attempt, if I had my doubts in my stomach at the time, maybe I would be a doctor for the rest of my life. This is hard to say.


It is not a bad thing to have a job that is not related to hobbies. It's not that you will be able to realize your dreams if you leave your job, or you won't be able to realize your dreams while you are working.

Who would have thought that Liu Cixin, who won the Hugo Award for Best Novel from the 73rd World Science Fiction Conference for "Three-Body", turned out to be an engineer in a power plant.

He works in a small city, the surrounding environment is relatively closed, more than an hour's drive from the city, leading a boring and rigid life. He has a wife and children. He also does housework and sends his children to school. He is an ordinary person who can no longer be ordinary. However, he loves science fiction. He said that life is boring, but science fiction is infinitely exciting.

Ordinarily, Liu Cixin loves writing science fiction so much, he should resign immediately and write full-time. But he didn't do it. He still goes to his class, using the remaining time to write and spend time with his family. This is the real winner in life.

Liu Cixin’s story tells us that it doesn’t matter whether you write well or not full-time.

Those with strong ability still have a job to solve food and clothing. How can you, with weaker ability, make a desperate bet on an uncertain future with impulse?

I saw an anonymous question on social networking sites: Should writing be full-time or part-time? What if I can’t write it?

There is an anonymous answer below which I think is very good. "I was admitted to a book in order to write something, but I didn't sign up. My parents shed tears all day long. You are an adult and you can decide your own way, but in their eyes, your path is full of thorns. They But it cares how many injuries you have suffered along the way."

Before the age of 18, we were lifted by our parents and saw a wider world. It was their striving to fulfill everything for us. Now that we are finally able to be self-reliant, please stop stepping on the shoulders of your parents to realize your dream.

I don't want to lose my job for my little dream and worry my elderly parents.

Gao Xiaosong said that life is not only about the present, but also poetry and the distance.

Yes, we need poetry and distance, that is everyone's hope hidden in their hearts.

However, before reaching afar, we must stay afloat.

We need to earn wealth with our own hands so that we can go far away.

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