Pears: A Highly Demanded Fruit found Throughout the Year

by Sanjeev Yadav SEO Consultant
Pears are a type of fruit that is grown and consumed throughout the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a fruit grown in a tree in the month of October, that is late summer. The tree shrub of pear fruit belongs to the Rosaceae family of the genus Pyrus. Few species of this fruit are noted for their edible and nutritive fruit and juices, whereas few other species are developed as trees.

There are about 3000 varieties of pear fruit known and are cultivated worldwide. All these varieties differ in both shape and taste. This fruit is eaten fresh or as juice, as dried or even canned.


Raw pear consists of 84 per cent of water, 15 per cent of carbohydrates. This fruit possesses a negligible amount of protein and fat. In a reference amount of 100 grams of raw pears, 239 kilojoules of food energy are supplied along with dietary fibres in a moderate amount. Folate, copper, vitamin C and potassium are significantly found in pears. It is also a decent source of polyphenol antioxidants.

The insoluble and soluble fibre is quite useful for digestive health. The soluble fibre feeds the good bacteria in the gut. These dietary fibres are prebiotic which are correlated to improved immunity and healthy ageing. The skin of this fruit is highly rich in fibres. The red pears protect heart health while the green pears promote optical health. Pears contains antioxidants that minimise inflammation.

Fresh pears also provide health advantages like improved digestion, decreased body weight and controlled levels of cholesterol. Pears are hypoallergenic and hence it is considered a safe fruit that can be given to infants of age six months and above. Steamed and mashed pears are given to babies as a healthy food that bears no allergies and negative reactions.

Planting and Growing
Pear trees are planted in early spring. It should be exposed to full sun along with good air circulation and well-drained soil for best results. It is advisable to plant a minimum of two compatible varieties for cross-pollination.

Growing pears are quite easier than growing other fruits. They have fewer diseases and pest issues. They can be grown even in a very small space. Though a pears tree might take a few years to start flowering and bearing fruit, when it starts producing, they are highly productive and long-lasting.

Trade and Commerce
There are many companies in the food industry, that along with production and distribution, also offers great pre-cooling and cold storage services for fresh fruits. These companies obtain the fresh fruits directly from the farms and look after their proper storage conserving the freshness and nutritional values. The wholesale fresh pear supplier in Maharashtra uses hygienic processing units of ultra-modern technology for fruits.

These companies claim of being specialised in cold storage facilities and as well pre-cooling. Hence they have gained an extensive network of distribution for delivering fruits with the intensity of freshness, even while delivering to the farthest distance. They also ensure the safety of these fruits while handling them, warehousing and transportation. The job of packaging is looked after by professionals who use superior quality packing stuff.

Pears happen to be one of the most demanded fruit throughout the year. Wholesale fresh pears in Maharashtra are offered at the best price, they are even delivered timely, irrespective of the size of the order.

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