Papa Murphy's And A Pellet Grill: Get That Wood Fired Flavor At Home The Easy Way


Pellet smoker grills have grown in popularity over the last several years. Backyard grill masters and BBQ enthusiasts are leaving familiar gas and charcoal grills for the convenient wood pellet grills and smokers in droves. And not just for grilling T-bones or smoking pork; but to have wood fired pizza right at home.

Pellet grills are fueled by compressed wood pellets that are stored in a hopper usually off to the side of the cooking grill area. An electronically controlled augur moves the pellets to a firebox where the pellets burn and heat the entire cooking area. Temperatures in a typical pellet smoker grill can range from 150 to over 500°F or plenty hot enough for any artisan meat pie or even a Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizza.

One meat smoker from Arizona who runs a popular blog recently posted a video about baking pizzas in his Pit Boss Austin XL. The video can be seen on his blog:

“Pellet smoker grills, like my Austin XL, are easy to operate as smokers, grills, or wood fired ovens,” says Patrick Sipperly. “I’ve smoked and grilled meats, fish, and vegetable for years and only recently thought about pizza. Getting a Papa Murphy’s Pizza is a great idea if it’s not 100° outside because you don’t want to turn the oven on and heat up the house you’re trying to keep it cool. Wood pellet grills make the perfect pizza oven outside.”

He’s not the only one making the pellet grill - wood fired oven connection. According to Google Trends, “pizza on a pellet grill” related searches have climbed dramatically in recent months and not just because it’s fast approaching summer in America. Pellet smokers and grills are the fastest growing segment in the BBQ world.

What Temperature To Cook A Pizza on a Pellet Grill

From start to finish this is how I do everything: 

1. Order your pizza online or by phone.

2. Fire up your pellet grill so it has time to get up to the proper cooking temperature. I recommend 400°F

3. When you get back home with the pizza(s) and your pellet grill is at your desired temperature, set the pizza (still on its plate and metal pizza pan) directly on the grill.

4. Let it cook for about 10 minutes and check it.

5. Adjust location, rotation or temperature as necessary. Lift the pizza and plate to make sure the paper isn’t burning.

6. Bake another few minutes till done. 

7. Don’t be surprised if your first attempt is a slight disaster. Adjust and try again.

For tips on what kind of pellet grill to buy, how to smoke a meatloaf, or how long to cook a thin crust Papa Murphy’s pizza, visit:

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