Pairing Martini with Food across Best Bars in Soho

by Tom Williams Content Writer
Many folks believe Martini can go with any kind of food, but if you ask a food connoisseur, the ingredients in your saucer must complement the drink’s flavour to actually savour the best taste. This can be done in a several ways, where you can blend appetizer drinks and meals for a balanced or contrasting supper.  It might sound a like a task, i.e. finding the perfect dish according to your drink or vice versa, but it is not provided you have the right guidance and this wisdom is not easy to find when hopping across the best bars in Soho or any other part of London. If you already have a dish in mind, chances are you can easily find a martini to match it. A thing that is extremely popular in many cool restaurants in London is the norm of the dedicated staff assisting you to make the right food choices but sometimes the staff might push for something they are trying to clear from their inventory. Getting further in the game means you should have some individual knowledge and this is what we want to discuss here…

The Classic, Never-Go-Wrong Options: Classic Martinis with Appetizers

The bold and bitter taste of a classic martini can either be complemented with the same kind of taste or augment it with an opposite palate. Try sharp cheese and salty nuts that will blend well with classic martini and tempt your senses, having you happy and high. Mild hummus and pita chips can enhance the taste of your favourite martini. Also, bold beef, buttery chicken and fish appetizer go well with classic Martini

Bringing Matching Flavours Together

This is one of the most preferred way to cheer-up your dining experience. Simply club matching flavours of martini and food - this doesn’t mean cancelling them out. For example, a lemon drop martini will leave a thriving taste with sushi or lemony shrimp in cocktail sauce while a Manhattan martini is most likely to defoliate the flavourful taste of these dishes. These are martini bar basics that you should be acquainted with! The more fruity martinis like pomegranate, strawberries or blueberry can work wonders with creamy crab cakes. 

Stepping up to Desert Martinis

Another complementing sort of combination that does not try to fight the traditions of martini culture—Desert Martinis served with complementing flavours. A perfect choice would be enjoying apple or coconut martini with vanilla ice cream or chocolate mocha martini with apple or pumpkin pie. Remember, the pie should not be high on sugar quotient as this can kill the aftertaste of a dry-ish martini. For those who love strawberry shortcake or any other fruity desert, a mixed berry martini will make a better combination. Alongside a cherry pie or crème brulee, know what works best? A sweet Manhattan! Here, you can be a little experimental – try Desert Martini with spicy food!

Martini Exploring - Opposites Attract!

If you are a fan of spicy food but can’t take too much of it, a mildly sweet-ish martini can balance the spicy flavours. A mild dish with spicy drink such as sweet bread and butter roll with mocha martini made with chilli infused vodka will be burst of flavours in your mouth. This is a good option for those who like their martinis closer to being a bit zingy as compared to traditional martini options. Another contrast of flavours can be achieved with lime martini and Spanish chilli dish. Lemon drop martini that has a tangy zest or chocolate martini with that cocoa aroma can dilute the spices of salsa and chips!

Martini Hunting among Cool Restaurants and Bars in London

One of the best bars in Soho – Rustiko, will uplift your soul with a charming ambience the moment you step in. Food made by passionate gourmet chefs and brought to your table with a fresh approach is the forte at this affluent restaurant. Best known for Italian food, Rustiko reflects authenticity in all its dishes, including incredible selections at the wine bar and martini options. With accent lighting effects, comfortable sitting and boutique interior décor, this place is perfect for dining with family or friends! 


The article enlightens the readers who love martini about how the right kind of food with martini can accentuate their dining time perfectly. Read about martini basics that everyone pubbing across the most happening bars in places like London should know about.

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