Overwatch Betting - Completing The Esports Experience

by Hector Zeller CEO of

Overwatch is a game that combines two classic genres: MoBA and FPS, which gave birth not only to competitive tournaments but also Overwatch betting. Many bettors today are always on the hunt for the best Overwatch predictions.

In Overwatch, matches are played between two teams, each consisting of six players. One team attacks, while the other team defends. After one round, the teams then switch roles. A team can win the map/round by completing one or two objectives depending on which map is played. There are several maps and each map holds its own unique features in objectives. So far there is one objective where the attacking team wants to push forward a payload to reach checkpoints (each checkpoint gets the team new spawns and additional time to accomplish the primary objective). The other goal is to capture and holds style gameplay that the attacking team can complete by reaching a specific area and defending it for a short time.

The game resembles the old Team Fortress game where there are a number of heroes/classes players can choose from. More than that, these characters have different abilities and functions to reach certain objectives and play specific roles. The objectives can be to capture and hold or to push a bandwagon to different checkpoints. For Overwatch, the biggest event to draw the attention of Overwatch bettors is the Overwatch League, also known as OWL. The tournament recently concluded a successful first season, and the world of esports anticipates the sophomore season which culminates next year. You still have plenty of time to make Overwatch betting predictions

Taking Overwatch to the next level

To bet successfully not just on Overwatch, but esports in general, you need to put in time and effort into research. This means studying the ins and outs of the game, including the characters, meta, and the competing teams and players. You need data to make Overwatch predictions. 

You can learn all about the game by watching VODs or streams of tournaments. There’s the Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup, which brings out endless highlights for you to watch. In addition to that, it’s always good to read and acquire Overwatch betting tips. Put emphasis on the different teams’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.

Last but not least, take match format into consideration when placing Overwatch bets. Even though one team is better than the other on paper, it’s not always true when adding match format into the picture. Overwatch odds can easily change according to the format implemented. Some may have better odds in a best of one, others may have the upper hand in a best of three. Therefore, go over the odds, calculate if the odds prices reflect a true image of your estimations. Is it profitable? If yes, trust your analysis, if not, there’s always better odds coming your way.

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