Outfit of the Day Challenge: What to Wear and When

by Reggie Moore Professional writer and proto entrepreneur

Your closet can be your worst enemy when choosing the perfect clothes to match the prevailing weather conditions. Weather and clothes are ever a contested combination. Besides protecting your skin from harsh weather conditions, you still need a swag that embodies your personality and aesthetic preferences. Dressing to the occasion brings out the confidence in you to walk with your head held high. Thanks to the ever sprouting up innovative designers, clothing options with regards to weather are limitless. How do you rock a stylish outfit in winter? How about summer?

1. What to Wear on a Winter Day
Winters come with cloudy, foggy, and chilly weathers that make you want to stay at your bed’s warmth and comfort for the whole day. Even so, abdicating work duties at the expense of chilly weather isn’t easy as it may sound. You need to show up to work daily, and if possible, work overtime for that few extra bucks. Winter weather presents an opportunity to wear all the fancy sweaters that people hardly see you in.

Get yourself nice fitting jeans with a pair of woolen sweaters. You should avoid shouting colors unless you’re attending a color festival. While sneakers may blend well with fitting jeans, they won’t keep your feet warm for long. Thus, go with a pair of leather boots. Are you going to the office? Putting on a heavy trench coat will save you from that icy cold. If the cold is overwhelming, leather pants will do a better job than cotton jeans and sweat pants. Throw around your poncho or thick scarf to keep you warm around the neck.

2. What to Wear During Rainy Days
No one loves the rainy weather since it is bad news for your hair treatment and outfit. Even so, you can still turn the tables with a sleek rainy coat on top of your casual wear. It doesn’t mean that you go for plastic material that will make you look odd in the middle of the city. A thick trench coat and a cap can still suffice during sporadic showers. There are also weatherproof woolen coats that can always protect you from heavy rains. Just get a color that perfectly matches your entire outfit.

If you’re headed to informal occasions, a stylish hoodie under the raincoat will still go a long way to protect your hair from rain showers. If you’re going out and it isn’t showering yet, and it’s a rainy season, a rainproof jacket will be the best option.
Jackets are lighter to carry compared to raincoats and can easily fit in a backpack. For shoes, sneakers sound like a better option compared to leather boots. If your sneakers aren’t waterproof, apply a waterproof spray to avoid soaking your feet. Most importantly, an umbrella is the best accessory to protect you from direct rain showers.

3. How to Dress for Sunny Weather
Sunny days are the best as your skin gets to enjoy unlimited vitamin D. Since temperatures are normally above 20 degrees centigrade, a mini or Bodycon dresses would be in order to flaunt all your beauty. Take a long-sleeved mini dress for formal occasions as it can be relatively chilly under the shade. If you want to bring out the sassiness in you, pairing a dress with nice-looking sneakers will do no harm. After all, you don’t get to experience sunny days throughout the year.

It is good for guys to enjoy the sunny weather in a pair of khaki shorts and loafers. Even so, it is still essential to maintain your gentleman look. Put on brightly colored suits to the office to exude confidence and authority. You don’t need to worry about high temperatures as the car and office air conditioners will get you sorted. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses wherever you go to shield your skin from harmful ultra-violet rays.

4. What Should You Wear in the Spring Weather?
Spring season comes with the best days to go out, even though it can get a bit chilly. Even so, the sun might still pop out of the clouds to brighten your day. Since you don’t want to get caught by surprise with a sudden weather change, put on multiple clothes layers. That means you can always adjust accordingly to the day’s temperature changes. For instance, it can be cold in the morning, but what if the sun pops up later in the day? Put on a cardigan on top of your official wear. You can always remove it when the temperatures rise.

You might also want to cover your casual wear with a leather jacket if your day starts on a chilly note.

5. Dressing Up for Transitional Weather
How do you dress up to work on days when the weather chooses to stay on a meteorological gray area? It is always neither too hot nor too cold. You’ll likely experience this weather pattern during the transitions of spring and fall seasons. This weather gives the opportune time to try almost everything in your closet. After all, you want to be always ready in case of sudden extreme weather changes that may come in the afternoon.

You should choose outfits that don’t make you too warm or too cold. For instance, you can throw around a fashionable cardigan to layer your work blazer. Cardigans are light but can still shield you from cold. You can also go out in a pair of jeans if it is a weekend. Get yourself high-quality ankle boots that blend perfectly with your jeans to stay on top of the fashion game. If you want to keep it calm, go for a maxi dress with a pair of sandals.

Wrapping It Up
When it comes to dressing, you call the shots! Never let anyone’s opinions deter you from shining like a Saudi prince throughout the year’s weather changes. Shop often to keep up with the emerging fashion trends in your city. Most importantly, don’t forget to come up with a unique signature look. It can be a black fedora hat or brightly colored suits to exude an executive presence. Fashion is timeless if you get it right from the word go. Leverage our above tips to help you stay on top of the game.

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