Outdoor Solar Light Solutions for Smart Cities

by Basant K. Global Market Research Reports

With the development of cities into smart cities and high-end amenities brought into place, the human race is benefitting at a major level. You can check out lighting solutions transforming into intelligent structures which were never thought in the past. Such development would gain pace in the coming years due to enhanced connectivity and commercial internet of things (IoT) solutions getting a prominent edge across most smart city schemes around the globe.

The introduction of solar lighting happened several years back but its full potential is utilized in the current scenario. To be honest, opportunities across the solar lighting industry is dramatic and has been attracting a lot of attention with rising count of residential and commercial spaces. Outdoor lighting is one of the flashy areas where solar light panels have proven successful in the recent past. This arrangement not only proves beneficial to the user but is also practical for the environment.

Proven Advantages of Outdoor Solar Lighting

  • The electricity bill would fairly decrease since solar outdoor lights make use of photovoltaic cell which thereby charges the batteries during the day by utilizing sun rays. Hence, sufficient electricity is contained to operate the solar outdoor lights. As per analysis, the lights are capable of powering any type of outdoor setting at nightfall, and can last between 8 to 10 hours.
  • For areas which face severe power outages, these solar lights can prove highly valuable to cut the darkness. If the solar outdoor lights are charged on time, they can deliver non-stop illumination for at least 9 hours without the need for electricity.
  • The maintenance of solar lights for outdoor usage is very minimalistic, since they charge automatically throughout the daytime and are operational when night takes its turn. Moreover, lesser wiring is another benefit which reduces maintenance cost and other issues.
  • At present, the garden solar lights market is on a rise since people are finding them conducive together with their brilliant aesthetic value. These lights can be used to illuminate certain areas of your garden and provide limelight to outdoor areas.
  • It should be known that solar outdoor lights are available in different sizes and styles so as to fulfill the need of the customers. They can be chosen in the form of street lights, doorbell lights, parking spaces, gate lights, garden lights etc.
  • One of the prominent perks of solar outdoor lights is due to their cost-efficient nature. Since they tend to deliver powerful lighting, there is no need to purchase different types of fixtures. In addition, one need not worry about installation fees, as the process is quite simplistic.

Cities with Smart Lighting Solutions

Nowadays, cities are known to seize the opportunity to install smart lighting solutions that convey energy conservation and maintenance savings on a much greater level. This process will take time until it reaches different parts of the globe, but has been showcasing tremendous potential off lately. Below mentioned are the prime cities that have been successfully following smart lighting arrangements:

  • The City of Copenhagen is a live example of how energy efficiency can be increased by lowering operational costs. With the implementation of remote lighting management, there have been improved results.
  • Another example can be taken from Wipperfürth, city in Germany. The scale of intelligent lighting network is basically associated to feeding local information to the various smartphones owned by citizens and visitors through Bluetooth. With the help of a downloadable app, the smartphone owners can receive information related to local retailers, company information, special offers, smart parking and directional aides.
  • It is interesting to know that, London, Dagenham and the Borough of Barking is installing more than 28,000 smart street lights using a certain platform solution. According to this platform, almost 100% coverage across the thick urban setting where cellular technology usually stays unavailable. Energy saving milestones are highly upgraded with the placement of smart lighting, which surely leads to lesser operational costs and mends service reliability.

Solar lighting is part of the smart lighting arrangement which has become imperative in order to follow an eco-friendly approach to brighten an area. In the coming years, with the help of extended government assistance it is expected that the range of outdoor solar lighting systems would ascent significantly.

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