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Anxiety is the equivalent of having a monster living on the inside. A monster that does not sleep, is always hungry, and never gives up. The anxiety monster steals from its victims, eating them alive from within. Difficult to define and possessing elusive symptoms, anxiety sneaks up on its victims and devours them. Unfortunately, there are many ways that victims unknowingly feed the appetite of anxiety, likely because it is so difficult to recognize destruction when caught in the middle of the storm.

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Anxiety is acknowledged as a risk factor for over 280 million people globally. In an acute sense, individuals with anxiety can find themselves irritable and moody with daily physical complaints. From a chronic standpoint, these persons are more likely to suffer long-term health conditions, impaired immune systems, and can even have an increased risk of heart disease.

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Feeding the Monster

The paradox of anxiety, and perhaps the most disquieting aspect of it, is that its victims unwittingly feed the monster. The insidious worries and fears that anxiety sufferers experience are often abstract and implausible situations invented in their own minds. Many of these situations are based on real-life experiences. For example, failure in a relationship, making decisions that had negative outcomes, contributing to someone’s downfall – these common experiences can form the basis for anxiety-driven fears. The power of anxiety is its ability to nurture these experiences and grow them into exponentially threatening horrors in the minds of its victims.

Anxiety Monster

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Once fears are formed, they are almost impossible to extinguish. The use of thought replacement techniques, practicing mindfulness, and even some medications can certainly make fears easier to address. Unfortunately for the millions of victims of anxiety, the likelihood of them escaping these fears in totality is bleak. This unease can quickly become a form of nourishment, a way to fuel their monster’s appetite. Hence the disconcerting realization that anxiety sufferers are aiding in their own destruction. Order Xanax 2 mg for anxiety cheap and at giveaway prices only at

Although common sense dictates that recognizing a problem exists is the first step to resolving it, this is not always accurate when it comes to anxiety. Is it possible that people struggling with anxiety could instead learn how to initially ignore the problems that spark explosions of alarm?

When a person suffers from anxiety, their thought patterns fall far outside the norm. Like an out of control roller coaster, individuals with anxiety are masters at spiraling everyday problems into life-threatening fears in a matter of seconds. Distracting these thoughts from the problem at hand, if only for a short time, can restore a sense of calm that will help to address the problems more effectively in the long run. In essence, it buys these individuals precious minutes to regroup and make sure they are buckled in for the ride.

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