Oral Cancer – Know Its Symptoms And Causes

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Oral cancer alludes to cancer that takes shape in some parts which constitute your mouth or oral cavity.

·         According to an oncologist from the best mouth cancer hospital in India, the occurrence of mouth cancer takes place in the:

o   Lips

o   Gums

o   Tongue

o   The inner lining of the cheeks

o   The roof of the mouth

o   The floor of the mouth, a location under the tongue

·         Cancer that comes into being inside the mouth is occasionally known as oral cancer or oral cavity cancer.

·         Oral cancer comprises one of the different types of cancers categorized as head and neck cancers.

·         Every so often, oral cancer and several other head and neck cancers are treated in a similar fashion.


·         On the word of an oral cancer specialist from a leading cancer hospital in Patna Bihar, the potential warning signs and symptoms of oral cancer include:

o   The development of a lip or a mouth sore that shows no sign of healing

o   The formation of a reddish or white patch within the mouth

o   Loosening of the teeth

o   The growth of a lump within the mouth

o   A continual sensation of pain inside the mouth or ear

o   Trouble or a feeling of pain while swallowing


·         According to a cancer specialist from a Patna cancer hospital, oral cancers are brought into being when the cells inside your mouth or on your lips develop mutations in their DNA.

·         The DNA of a cell instructs it in doing what the cell is supposed to do.

·         Changes due to mutation prompt the cells to carry on with their growth and division that eventually lead to their death.

·         Any accumulation of atypical cells inside your mouth can result in the formation of a tumor.

·         Over time, the cancerous cells spread inside your mouth.

·         The metastasis or the spread of cancer can scatter over areas of your head, neck, or any other body parts.

·         Most commonly, as per an oncologist from a cancer hospital in Patna, oral cancers spring up in the thin, flat squamous cells that reside along the lining of your lips or inside your mouth.

·         The majority of oral cancers are usually squamous cell carcinomas.

·         Cancer doctors are, however, not certain what exactly causes the squamous cell mutations which ultimately trigger the inception of mouth cancer.

·         But, doctors from a top hospital in Patna have detected certain factors that may include the risk of contracting oral cancer.

·         These include:

o   Usage of tobacco in any form such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.

o   Unrestrained consumption of alcohol

o   Excessive exposure of your lips to the sun

o   Impact by a sexually transmitted infection caused by human papillomavirus (HPV)

o   A highly compromised immune system

·         It’s imperative that you go for a consultation with a doctor or dentist assuming that you’re struck down with recurrent signs and symptoms that cause enough botheration for over two weeks.

At Paras, the best hospital in Patna, care for patients suffering from oral cancer is supervised by head and neck oncology surgeons who work jointly as a multispecialty team. Surgeons who join in include:

·         Oral and maxillofacial surgeons for mouth and jaw

·         Otorhinolaryngologists for ear, nose, and throat surgeries

The care team at Paras, one of the best hospitals in Patna, may also associate with specialists from the fields of medical and radiation oncology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and rehabilitation therapies.

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