Online Ticket Booking Is The Best And The Most Convenient Option To Save Big!

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Gone are days when you to stand in long queues to buy tickets, especially buying train tickets. Today, the internet is everywhere, and with its help, the tourism industry has seen drastic changes in how everyone is traveling. Today, people are more independent, seek for off the beaten path experiences and plan comparatively less thoroughly before they travel or go anywhere. Today, travelers feel they are independent and can easily travel without putting much effort into booking tickets online. In this blog post, we will discuss the same, i.e. how and why you must choose online ticket booking.

Reservations Are Getting Easier”

In this digitally advanced era, where everything is done online, reservations are made easier today. Because of ubiquitous Wi-Fi and mobile phones more and more travelers today are going it alone. Travelers with just a little help from the travel portals, feel that they can easily commute to anywhere and everywhere without any hassle. Thus, convenience and flexibility is the leading reason while the online mode of purchasing tickets is becoming extremely popular these days.

One of the most affordable and convenient interprovincial and intercity transportation in Indonesia is the train. Through the excellent services if the KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) locals in Indonesia mostly prefer to travel via train. It is most time saving and reasonable commutation mode over here. It is considered the fastest ground traveling mode.

Train transportation is the mainstay of traveling in Indonesia, almost half the population prefers to travel via train in Indonesia. Thus, it is important to choose one of the easiest and convenient modes of buying train tickets. There are many reliable portals online that offers you exclusive services of providing you best online ticket booking deals to you. Such portals help you grab best deals and discounts so that not only you save huge amounts but also make your journey comfortable and hassle-free. Furthermore, you also get the liability of choosing your favorite seat.

Reasons to Why Prefer Ticket Booking Online?

1 # Secure Transactions!

With the help of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, your ticket booking transaction with online portals will be easy and convenient as the SSL technology is a standard security protocol helpful in establishing encrypted links between a browser and a web server. Hence, you don’t have to worry about whatever data you provide to the portal it will remain encrypted between you and the portal.

Moreover, your e-tickets will be directly sent to your e-mail. Therefore, choosing a reliable online booking portal is the best way to save your time and energy both at the same time.

2 # Convenience Of Choosing Your Own Seat!

Ticket booking with online portals means you will get to choose your favorite seat. It is yet another major reason why most of the Indonesian prefers to choose trailblazer online portals that allow them to choose their own seat as per their desire and that too at convenient rates.

Train transportation is the major commutation mode in Indonesia, a lot of Indonesian choose train to travel from one place to another. And, it often happens that while purchasing a ticket from the station, you hardly to purchase a ticket of your desired seat, but this isn’t the case with online ticket booking. If you sign-up to a reliable booking portal, you will also get to choose your desired seat as well.

3 # The Ability Get Complete Information About Ticket And Schedule!

Train, being the mainstay of mass transportation for most of the Indonesian people, the railway transportation has greatly improved services for its passengers so that they enjoy a safe and comfortable train journey. And, with train ticket booking with ticket purchasing or booking websites, you get the feasibility of getting all the information regarding the availability of trains and their tickets, everything under roof. This means you will get a complete train and their schedule list every time. And you don’t have to go to station for every small-small query.

4 # Convenient Payment Options!

Online good reason to why prefer online booking is because it is easy and flexible enough. With this mode, you can easily make payment and purchase as much of train ticket as much as you want without any worry. Most online ticket purchasing sites offer you secure payment options such as BCA KlikPay, standalone e-cash, Mandiri Clickpay and credit cards.

There are many reliable stores in Indonesia that offer exclusive services of customer-oriented ticket booking to its customers. Tokopedia, a trailblazer online ticket booking portal is amongst the top trustworthy websites that helps you purchase train tickets at convenient rates. The train ticket purchasing with this top-notched web-portal you can easily buy an endless number of tickets at your convenient rate with easy payment options and most important without leaving the comfort zone of your home. Also, while purchasing tickets online, use Kode Voucher Tokopedia to ensure great savings and discounts.

5 # No More Waiting In Long Queues!

As you know that train commutation is the mainstay of mass transportation of locals in Indonesia, it is but obvious that if you buy a ticket from the station, you had to wait in long queues. Online ticket booking portals understand your struggle of standing in long queues waiting for long time to buy ticket offline, and so they offer you exclusive service of booking tickets online without any hassle and that too at unthinkable discounted rates.

Here, you don’t have to queue for long hours or wait for counters to open. You can make your reservation or buy tickets anytime and anywhere through your Smartphone or computer.

6 # Make Reservation About 90 Days Before!

You can purchase tickets 90 days prior to your reservation or the date of departure. Whether you choose to book executive, economy or business class train ticket, with online ticket booking you will enjoy a liability of purchasing train tickets around 90 days before the actual departure date. Moreover, early reservations help you enjoy huge discounts and savings as the prices are low comparatively.

7 # Great Discounted Offers Can Be Redeemed!

With online ticket purchasing, you will not only save your time and energy of avoiding long queues and wasting your energy, but you will also get avail amazing offers which will indeed help you save big. Making early reservations means, you can purchase tickets at almost half the rates; moreover, with various coupon codes and discount codes, you will be paying comparatively less amount. When you avail coupon codes you not only save your money, also but well also make your journey well-planned beforehand.

Some Other Reasons To Choose Online Booking……….!

·  Ability to find availability of tickets -  

·  Great accessibility of booking from anywhere-

·  The convenience of sharing as well as storing important information-

·  Have control over your buying experience-

One of the greatest trends in consumer’s behavior today is the demand to control their buying processes. Travelers and consumers want the freedom and control of finding information that is relevant and that will help them make wise decisions on their own.

So, these are some of the major reason why using online mode of ticket booking is convenient and profitable. Indonesian, who travel via trains must be aware of all the above-mentioned factors.

Now, that you know how online mode will help you get the best ticket booking deals and why is it so useful, let’s quickly glance at some tips to consider for if you planning to take up train journey in Indonesia.

Tips For Traveling By Trains In Indonesia-

1 # Early Reservations Are Best!                                      

To secure your seat, especially the desired one, always make sure to book your tickets as early as possible. During the low season, the early booking will help you acquire a good seat at comparatively reasonable rates. Sign up for a reliable booking store online, such as Expedia that will help you pick the most accessible and preferable option.

2 # Always Carry A Print Out Of Your Ticket!

To avoid confusion, always make sure to carry a print out of your train tickets as most of the stations in Indonesia require boarding passes which are needed to be generated at the self-service check-in counters on the stations. When you purchase a train ticket in Indonesia, you are provided with a QR or booking reference code that needs to be scanned by the computer, so that it can print your boarding pass.

Note that, you can get your boarding pass only from the station your journey is supposed to start. That is, your boarding pass will be generated only on that particular station.

3 # Always Make Sure You Have The Orange Boarding Pass!

In Indonesia, you cannot board a train without the boarding pass. The orange boarding pass is a must to travel via train over here. If you make early reservations, then you will get blue tickets, and you can convert that blue ticket into orange boarding pass only before 3 days of the date of departure.

But if you buy ticket 3 days before your journey, then you will directly get an orange boarding pass, that means your seat is reserved and you don’t have to waste your time in the check-in process.

4 # Luggage Allowance Is 20 Kg!

When talking about the luggage arrangements in the Indonesian trains, it is very simple. You need to take your bags along with you in the train and stick them onto the overhead racks provided above the seats. In 2016, KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia has introduced a luggage allowance of up to 20 kg per person. You cannot carry luggage more than 20 kg. To ensure that all the residents in Indonesia follow this rule strictly, KAI has kept luggage weighing machines on each and every station. If your luggage weight exceeds the limit then you need to pay Rp 10,000 ($0.68) per kg.

5 # Buy Meals Before Departure!

Although drinks and meals are available abroad the trains, buying meals before the departure will help you save money as well as time. Instead of waiting for your meal to arrive, you can buy from it from the stalls on the station and eat anytime during your journey.

So, these are some useful tips you must follow to make your train journey in Indonesia comfortable and convenient. Hopefully, by following these tips you will be able to make your journey wonderful.

And that’s a wrap top the important factors and details you need to know while traveling in Indonesia via train. To save your hard-earned money while buying a ticket online, make sure you avail Kode Voucher Expedia, vouchers that help you enjoy amazing offers on every ticket booking.

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