Online Dating Tips for Men, How to Find the Right Partner.

by Catherine Calvillo Millionaire Match Dating Sites

The top 10 things that you might be doing that are turning women off and in no particular orders are as follows.

Number one, shitty attitude. So, if you have a victim mentality attitude that is a major turn-off. What that translates to for a woman is that you can't handle life. And if you can't handle life on your own then how is she going to be able to trust you to handle life when you're in a relationship and life throws crap at you Because life is going to throw crap at you that's just part of being a human and how you handle it and your attitude toward it will reveal a lot about your character.
Number two, not handling shit tests well in fact, failing shit tests is number two. And again, these are not in any particular order but number two is failing shit test. So, if for example, you are always agreeing with her instead of standing up for your own opinions respectfully but also with unwavering confidence then she is going to lose respect for you. And if you don't handle the shit test well or at all and you just walk away then she's just going to look at you and think that you're weak.

Number three, insecure body language. When you have insecure body language a woman will be turned off before she even actually meets you. So, what does insecure body language look like? It looks like poor posture, which can come from gaming or too much time on the computer. But it also is a sign of low self-esteem and insecurity and depression and sometimes even mental health issues none of which are a turn-on to a woman of course.
Now number four, bragging or boasting. Women are really, really subtle and we pick up on all kinds of very, very subtle hints unlike men do. So, if you're going to boast or brag you want to make sure you're doing it so subtly that you don't think she's going to actually even pick up on it. So, for example, if you say you know, you're proud of your job or you're proud of your car, you're proud of your accomplishments or whatever you're proud of.
Number five, number five was a little bit like number two in failing shit tests by always agreeing but in and of itself is always agreeing with her that's such a turn off. A woman wants to know that you have an opinion because she doesn't always think she's going to be right about things. If you're always agreeing with her then she can't trust that she can lean on you or rely on you when she doesn't know what to do about something in life.
Number six, having an inauthentic personality and this again also ties in with always agreeing with her. If you are inauthentic because you are just trying to be the type of person you think she wants then you're going to have to play that role for the rest of your life with her. And it's not going to feel good and she's going to sense it because women are very, very intuitive and we can sense these things.
Number seven again, lack of opinions. You need to be able to rich singles have your own opinions about pretty much everything. So, the best way to practice having an opinion is within your friendship groups or even within your peers at work if you work with people. And instead of just agreeing with or even not even agreeing with but just sitting back apathetically and not contributing. Start thinking about what people are actually talking about and really process that within yourself and decide which things you actually truly agree with and which things you might choose not to agree with.
Number eight, now this is a big one. So, this again kind of comes back to self-esteem but number eight is you think she's out of your league. Now, one of the things you have to remember is that we tend to date people who care about our same level, but women tend to want to date someone who's at least at her level or a little bit higher at least perception-wise. So, that doesn't mean you actually are better than her in any way.
Number Nine, not knowing what to say. So, you need to be able to carry conversations. So, rich men dating those are some really good tips just the tip for being able to keep the conversation going and the thing is you need to not be too worried about awkward silences.
Number 10, the last thing that is a major turn-off to women is when you fail to make eye contact. So, if you are constantly looking away and you can't maintain eye contact that is again a sign of insecurity, weakness or a serial killer like no one wants a shreddies killer. So, what you need to be able to do is maintain eye contact for about 80% of the time. So, you're looking at her for about 80% of the time you might glance away when you're thinking about something and then you're going to, you know, maintain eye contact.

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