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Blackjack is one of the most prominent card games around the world. If you have never played this game, you might have seen references in popular movies, shows, and theatre. Famous Blackjack comic Russell Peters used the premise of the game to crack-up his audiences. The game’s prominence partly arises from its potential to offer some of the best gambling odds to players. Hey, but guess what, players are playing against the dealer who relies on luck, too. So, some estimates put the odds of winning close to 1%. So, would you like to learn how to play this awesome game?

Introduction to Blackjack

In India, in Blackjack is also known as 21. The objective of the game is to have a hand totalling 21. As mentioned earlier, players are competing with the casino dealer rather than amongst each other. It makes the game far more social and pleasant than many other counterparts. It is also one of the main reasons why it has gained prominence with professional world tournaments. Even if you do not like playing casino games, you can enjoy as a spectator at an online casino or on live television.

What makes it such a good bet for people?

Blackjack, along with Roulette, is one of the most popular games in online and offline casinos. Now, like all sports, the game favours the house more than the players. Blackjack is no different. Players act before the dealer while drawing cards during the first round. There are many rules in the game that favour the dealer. However, this is the most significant one. As players draw earlier, they are likely to bust before the dealer by going over 21, the prescribed limit.

On the other hand, despite several rules favouring the dealer, Blackjack offers many unique advantages to players. As mentioned earlier, the odds of winning in Blackjack are far higher as compared to several other casino games. It is partly why many casinos either limit earnings on Blackjack or put more rules in place to restrict winnings. If you want to enjoy Blackjack truly, you should play at offline or online casinos that offer the most liberal rules to win. And, if you are looking for some potential effective strategies to increase your odds of winning, check the following list.

1. Avoid insurance
Now in life, insurance can be your get-out-of-jail-free card for any unforeseeable circumstances. But, in Blackjack, getting insurance usually amounts to a death sentence for a player. But wait, do you know what an insurance bet is in Blackjack?

Players can take out an insurance bet when the dealer draws an ace or a ten. These two cards are considered the best hand in Blackjack as two of these can help you win the game directly. To win against the dealer, the player has to make an additional bet. The odds of the dealer coming with the exact two cards to win the game are minuscule. Hence, you are better off facing a straight-up loss in most cases.

2. Correct mindset

When you have the correct mindset and attitude, you can change the odds in your favour and win the game of Blackjack. You should sit to play the game only when you are fit to make decisions and when you have sufficient enthusiasm towards it. Do not succumb to any pressure and be in a hurry to wager and play. In case, you are getting distracted, the best option is to leave the game. You should also avoid drinking alcohol while playing the game to play the right way and use the correct strategies.   

3. Quick thinking with decisiveness

Winning in Blackjack requires luck as well as some amount of skill. The game needs the players to make some quick decisions, including stand, hit, double, split, and finally surrender their deck. There are various charts available online, which tell players exactly what to do with each possible combination of cards. You are probably not going to remember all of them or for that matter, use the information in real-time as well. However, you can benefit greatly by reading through these games and learning the logic of playing each hand with quick thinking and essential quality of decisiveness.

So, are you ready to hit an online casino and enjoy a quiet evening playing Blackjack?

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