On OLED Phones The Dark Mode Can Extend Battery Life!

by Joey Williams Consultant

Most of the times, try to use apps with darker interfaces because then your phone may last for a longer time. However, sometimes it gets a bit complex because it does depend on the technology in your screen and also whether or not your phone’s software takes a plus point of it.

·        All About The OLED-

1.     An organic LED (OLED) utilizes a creating method that comprises both the pixel grid and the backlight into a single element. Every pixel produces its light.

2.     There are many advantages to these consisting superior contrast ratios, more vivid color saturation and excellent efficiency.

3.     But for our considerations, the big draw is that if a pixel on an OLED screen is presenting an entirely black color, it’s in actually turned off—that part of the screen isn’t drawing electricity even a bit. Frankly, that’s a significant improvement over a older LCD and for LED-LCD which require to power the entire screen no matter what the picture it’s presenting. Phone managers know about it, so they have begun taking advantage of it.

4.     For instance, Motorola got the trend with also its Moto X back 2012. The phone is using an ‘always on’ in the display mode not just to display notifications but also to display a clock, a battery meter etc. The always-on screen used a small amount of electricity in this mode. Approximately, less than 1% an hour, all thanks to power advantages of dark interfaces on an OLED panel.

5.     Note that always on display notification tools are now common on Android phones.

 Using Darker Apps and Interfaces!

1.     The battery savings for the darker applications are still analyzed and quantified.

2.      The confirmation of apps that offer the feature is still not that great.

3.     There are plenty of Android apps that provide different themes to their users, lots with a ‘black’, ’night’ or also even ‘OLED’ options, but this is not present in loads of the significant major apps such as Facebook.

4.     The official Reddit mobile app includes a ‘Night Mode’, precisely having a tag of being useful for AMOLED screens which can be available from its main settings menu.

·        If Don’t Have an OLED Phone?

1.     You can always take advantage of this new crop of dark modes because nothing is preventing you from enabling them.

2.     A bit saving on overall brightness does have a negligible effect on your phone’s battery life even if it is with an LCD screen, but it does have other benefits.

3.     For instance, if you are on the phone for some continuous hours a day then using a darker interface may help you to reduce strain on your eyes or will help you out to fall asleep faster when you’re finally prepared to put it down.

Hope, you would check out for your next upcoming new phone whether it features an OLED screen for both battery life as well as for general use. It leads to significant quality of life improvement.

Joey Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Robert has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as

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