Omega 3 rich foods & how they benefit your health

by Kunal Joshi content writing

Foods high in Omega 3 are richly supplemented with a lot of healthy benefits in both adults and children. In adults they significantly lower the risk of heart diseases while they help in the overall brain, eye and neural development in children. The following list contains the name of major sources of omega 3 rich food and how they are conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

1.       Mackerel- These can be consumed either smoked or has entire fillets. Mackerels are small fish which are quite fatty and are highly effective in reducing health risk of heart and some categories of cancer. To add to it, mackerels require little prepping up and are extremely delicious with Omega 3 fatty acid benefits.

2.       Salmon- Salmon is a storehouse of minerals and nutrients like selenium, magnesium, potassium and Omega 3. They are also extensively proteinaceous and thus important as dietary supplements. Studies have proved that salmon is beneficiary in reducing the risks of diseases such as dementia, depression and heart problems.

3.       Cod Liver Oil- Extracted from the liver of cod, they are rich supplements of Omega 3, vitamins A and D which improve eyesight, skin and heart all at once. Measures should however be taken to always keep a check on the amount of liver oil consumed as high quantities of Vitamin A can have adverse effects.

4.       Walnuts- Walnuts are a cornucopia of every important supplement you need and an important supplement of veg Omega 3. They have high quantities of Copper, Manganese and Selenium as well as Vitamin E and a variety of other nutrients. To add to this, walnuts are also important antioxidants. These have great effects in improving skin while reducing the risk of skin cancer, itching and myriad heart diseases.

5.       Anchovies- Used mainly as flavour addendums or toppings, anchovies are oily and small fish that are usually canned. They are rich sources of the important minerals- niacin, selenium and calcium which prevent symptoms of arthritis and heart disease and diabetes while improving skin conditions and bone structure.


Omega 3 laden foods go a long way in reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancerous outbursts. To enjoy a sumptuous and healthy meal, sauté the fish with nutralite and get a delicious combination of flavour and nutritional benefit.

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