Olive Pomace Oil and Its Types

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Similar to the parent olive oil, olive pomace oil itself has different types. Know more about them here.

Do you know what exactly olive pomace oil is extracted from? Well olive pomace happens to the be the solid residue that is left post the finishing of the olive oil extraction process. From this further oil is extracted with the help of certain solvents.

The oil thus obtained is then treated in different ways to give way to the three different kinds of pomace olive oil; crude olive pomace oil, refined pomace olive oil and olive pomace oil. Read to know more about these particular variants.


1. Crude pomace olive oil

Crude pomace olive oil is the very first oil that is extracted with the use of solvents from the residue left by the olive oil extraction process. Crude pomace olive oil is not meant be used for consumption.

Usually, this type of pomace olive oil in India is used for further refining process as it is inedible or it could also be used for technical uses.


2. Refined pomace olive oil

Post the extraction process that produces crude olive pomace oil, which is inedible in nature, it is subjected to certain refining method to produce what is known as refined pomace olive oil

The refining process does not affect the basic glyceride structure of the oil itself and it also contains free acidity that is extracted as oleic acid. This oil is tasteless, flavorless and colorless.


3. Olive pomace oil

The third step to producing something more edible and flavorful produces what is simply known as olive pomace oil. This oil is produced by combining refined pomace olive oil and virgin olive oils that are fit for consumption.

This is the kind of olive pomace oil that can easily be used for consumption.

There are a variety of olive oil products in India that happen to be exceptionally healthy for consumption. Olive pomace oil happens to be one of them. However, it is important to know which type of pomace olive oil to invest in to benefit from the nutrients that it offers. In that aspect, we truly hope this has helped you.

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