Oil Change – What to Know and Consider before Performing it?

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An engine oil change is essential and perhaps the most basic maintenance needs of an owner. The motor oil minimises wear of engine components and also aids in the dissipation of the heat generates from friction between all the moving parts. Engine oil becomes ineffective over time and must be replaced with fresh fill.

When to opt for an oil change?

Now, a common question that many have is how often to replace engine oil. Experts suggest that after every 3000 miles, you should take your car for an oil change in Spalding to a professional garage. However, the appropriate time to change your car’s oil depends on the conditions in which you drive.

Owner's manual of your car suggests an amount of travelled distance under normal driving conditions. However, your driving habits and conditions may deviate from usual standards. Your driving conditions don't fit into normal under the following cases –

  • If you frequently make short trips, that are below 10 miles

  • Stop-and-go city driving conditions

  • Using your vehicle for towing purpose or for carrying heavy luggage

  • Frequenting dusty and gravelly roads

  • Being able to drive at sustained motorway speeds on a regular basis

Although many consider the 3000 mile mark for an oil change a mere myth, there is evidence to support this guideline.

The oil contains many additives and detergents to prevent sludge build up and corrosion. Studies show that after every 3000 miles, critical additives start to deplete, thus preventing the oil from providing the same benefits and protection to engine components. Moreover, old oil becomes thick like petroleum sludge which can stop engine parts from moving.

Thus opt for a timely engine oil change to maintain your car engine in its best condition.

Facts to consider when changing car engine oil

  • Check oil level

Most cars have a dipstick that enables a driver to check its engine oil level. When checking oil levels, park the car on level ground to get an accurate measurement. Now, before using the dipstick, let the engine cool completely. Locate the dipstick and pull it out of the engine. Wipe off any oil on its surface, and then re-insert it back into its tube and push it all the way down.

Pull back the dipstick and identify the maximum and minimum level marks on it. If the "oil streak" is between the two marks, then your car's oil level is fine. However, if it's below the minimum level, it means you need to add more oil.

  • Oil condition

When checking the engine oil level, make sure to take a look at its colour. Ideally, the oil should appear brown or black and should be clear. If it looks milky or murky, then it suggests coolant or water contamination. Additionally, you must closely inspect for any floating metal particles or metallic dust, as it may indicate presence internal damage of engine components. So, if you observe these signs take your vehicle for a car repair in Spalding.

  • Consider the oil type

You can choose between conventional, fully synthetic or synthetic blend oils. Synthetic oils prevent build-up of sludge along with offering superior lubrication. Additionally, they provide high resistance to oxidation. Synthetic motor oils cost 3 to 4 times more than the other types, so be judicious before opting for it.

Consider the above pointer when heading for an oil change. Always visit reputed garages for expert assistance. Garages such as Matmore Motors offer oil change services. They also perform brake repair, car repair and MOT tests.

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