Numerology Number 12 Meaning and Symbolism

by P N Bhatt Astrolozer

Numerology and astrology may look the same thing at first glance, but they are both different, one has more science and the other has more mathematics.

Numerology is related to numbers and houses in the natal chart, there are a total of nine numbers and 12 houses that consist in numerology. Today the focus is going to be on the number 12, the reader is going to know about its meaning and symbolism and some other interesting facts.

Part1: The meaning of the number 12

12 is known as a creative number in numerology since it can express its individuality, points of view, and any concepts it wants to convey with full understanding and creativity. It signifies the imagination, effective communication, tolerance, self-sufficiency, self-determination, cooperation, optimism, and dynamism in a person.

The situational meaning of the number 12 can be derived from its basic meaning and significance. One can understand what the number means in different situations by looking at the number 12 at their birth chart positions and circumstances where 12 is marked. One can understand this even more by looking at some examples.

  1. If one has 12 as birth date number which is also their life path number, it specifies that the events and circumstances in their life will likely relate to self-reliance and creative solutions.
  2. If one has 12 as name number which is also their destiny number, it means that they likely have a personal vibrational essence that is related to creatively expressing their points of view.

Some more meanings of this number are that it is social in nature, independent thinking, inspiring; it spreads its optimism and dynamism to others. Everyone is welcome in its space, but others must be beware not to suppress its creative expression as such behavior won’t be tolerated.

Part2: Symbolism of number 12

Interestingly, 12 is associated with a rather menacing card in the major arcana of the tarot card set, which is the hanged man. This card is associated with two types of energy that, one must deal with on their spiritual journey; these are inner conflict and sacrifice.

Number 12 and the hanged man are affiliated with a water sign Pisces, this water sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. This represents inner emotional conflicts of Pisces people as well as the ones whose life path or soul urge numbers can be expressed as 12.

Bonus: Mathematical facts related to the number 12

There are only 9 numbers in numerology, so where did the number 12 come from? Well, it’s a compound number composed of root numbers that define, highlight and determine its meaning. Numerologists reduce compound numbers to their root number by adding all the digits, the sole reason for that is that numbers 0-9 carry vibrational energy.

To reduce the number 12, they add its digits, i.e. 1+2=3. Thus it’s said that the number 3 is the vibrational significance that informs number 12. One can also see 12 as the number 3 in disguise.

The number 12 has the same energy as number 3 but in problematic form, that’s why 12 is informed by 3’s creative energy, but it still expresses the energy of 1 and Significance of number 1 in numerology.

If the reader had number 12 prominent in their chart, they would have known various interesting facts about themselves, but if not, they can visit Astrolozer and know the significance of their number from one of their Best Jyotish online.

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