Nose Job: Want to Reshape Your Nose? Reasons, Types, Procedure, Cost

by Andrew Grant Medical Consultant

Are you having any of these problems?

  • Crooked Nose

  • Bump in the bridge of the nose

  • Over-protruding nasal tip

  • Size of a bulbous nasal tip

  • Too wide nose 

  • Too large nose

  • Disturbed symmetry of the nose

  • Injury to the nose structure

  • Breathing problems

You might need a nose surgery and surprisingly there is nothing to get worried about it as it is the most secure and safe surgery for you.

Meet the amazing Nose Reshaping Treatment you would need to improve the appearance of your nose.

Reasons to undergo a nose job procedure?

Nose job procedure will definitely reshape your nose with plastic surgery procedures. It can make the nose either large or small depending on the patient's needs. The procedure is also good to make the proportional structure of the nose and improve the overall facial appearance.

It can help you in:

1. Breathing problems: Breathing problems are normally caused by deviated problems and nostril collapse

2. Snoring: Caused by a deviated septum, snoring can be congenital or due to trauma

3. Shape change: Sometimes people have a nose bridge too big or too large. It can even occur due to too wide or narrow nostrils or even a short philtrum. These nasal issues can be overcome using a nose job procedure.

4. Change in size: People often complain about their nose size which can be too small or too large and/or a non-proportional nose is causing a problem to their beautiful face

5. Symmetry: Symmetry of the face is the surest thing for a beautiful face. The nose is at the very centre of the face and with any disorders like crooked nose or nose with off-centre; rhinoplasty can alter and improve the facial symmetry.

What are the different types of nose job surgery or rhinoplasty?

There are many types of nose job surgery treatments available with the best plastic surgeons today and some of them are:

1. Reduction Rhinoplasty

A very common type of rhinoplasty that reduces the size of the nose considering the rest of the face. Reduction rhinoplasty is done by improving the nose bridge, tip, and nostrils, etc.

2. Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Often nasal tissues are lost in patients suffering from conditions like skin cancer, skin diseases, and accidents. Reconstructive rhinoplasty will be useful for such patients. It uses grafts and other advanced technologies. Sometimes, reconstructive surgeries would take more than one surgery. Only skilled surgeons can perform this surgery.

3. Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Bone or tissue grafts are used for this kind of rhinoplasty. It builds the tip and bridge of the nose. Grafts can also be a made out of cartilage from the nasal septum. 2D and 3D models are made for accurate results.

4. Post-traumatic Rhinoplasty

Serious functional and aesthetic damages occur to the nose due to major accidents. To improve and recover the nose from such accidents, post-traumatic rhinoplasty is advised right after 10 to 15 days of the accident. If the damage is too much, surgeons may advise a month after the accident to perform this surgery.

5. Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Often used on people with softer nasal contours. Such people will need extra care to retain some unique and natural features. 

6. Adolescent Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty needs patients to be grown fully but in a few cases, minor patients may suffer from breathing difficulties or trauma. In these cases, adolescent rhinoplasty is carried out on teenagers.

7. Ageing Rhinoplasty

Old age can be another cause for reduction and drooping of tissues in the nose. Such problems can be overcome by rhinoplasty.

What after the rhinoplasty?

Nose job before and after results can be jaw-dropping. Rhinoplasty can change the patient’s overall facial structure and 

How much will rhinoplasty cost?

Rhinoplasty or nose job will cost different in different regions. Mostly patients across the world prefer European nations for their plastic surgery as they offer reasonable pricing for these surgeries. 

Prague in the Czech Republic is the most popular place in the world for plastic surgeries. You may have to spend around £1200 to £2000 for the Rhinoplasty in the Czech Republic.

One of the prominent clinics in Prague we recently visited is Prague Medical Institute which has their corporate office in the UK as well. 

The clinic is equipped with modern generation equipment and well-knowledged English speaking staff. The nose job surgeons here have come from different regions across the world providing experienced and ultimate crafting during your surgery.

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