Newborn Photography Tips on Poses

by Danis Kain Digital Marketing Specialist

These days newborn photography in London as well as in other countries is gaining all-time fame. Many parents want to preserve those emotions and feelings that they share with their newborn child. That tenderness, softness, and calm that every baby possesses give eternal peace, and parents are just not willing to let it go. The best way to capture this moment is to get it clicked.

When handling the babies, photographers, as well as the parents, need to follow some safety tips and measures related to the poses. Some of them are mentioned below-

Always use safe props

The experienced baby photographers in London advise on using props that ensure the complete safety of the newborn. Creativity is no doubt an asset in the world of photography but when dealing with newborns, more than creativity the comfort and safety matters. Refrain from using props that have sharp edges, made of glass, or has a material that can cause any sort of allergic reaction. The fabric used should be soft and clean.

Be careful with hanging newborn baby poses

If you are willing to experiment with the hanging poses then make sure that the material used is durable. Take note of the baby’s weight beforehand and create a thread that is durable and prepared exactly to handle the weight of the baby.

Keep the baby under supervision

Never leave the baby alone during the photo session! No matter how comfortable the baby looks in the prop, or even if he is sleeping still there must be an adult around to catch hold of the baby.

Here is a list of most famous newborn photography poses from which you can choose some of the best ones for your lovely child-

Poses to try in the studio

1.     Little frog pose

The name itself consists of an abundance of cuteness! This pose cannot be tried by amateurs as the safety of a child is most important. In this pose, the legs are placed by the sides and the hands are placed under the chin.

2.     Swaddled pose

Give your baby a peaceful saint look with this pose. By using a soft blanket or a rug the baby is totally covered and then placed in a sitting position.

3.     Tushy up pose

It is undoubtedly one of the least complicated poses. The baby is placed in sleeping on the chest position and the bottom is slightly raised. This pose is best for capturing the overall features of a baby right from the chubby cheeks to fatty wrinkles.

4.     Womb pose/Taco pose

Known as both womb as well as taco pose, this one is the most comfortable pose for newborns as their body can be easily molded for it.

5.     Chin on hands

Many parents prefer this pose for the simplicity and beauty. The baby is placed in a sleeping position and then the chin is placed on hands. This pose is also best because it precisely captures the clear facial view and features.


Poses to try at home

1.     Full-length pose

Place your baby in a peaceful sleeping position on a comfortable furry rug or a blanket. The color of the rug should be appropriate in a way that enhances the quality of the photo.

2.     Close-ups

Tiny feet and hands of the babies look very cute and many parents want to take a close up of it. Close up photographs are the best when parents want to preserve the exact size of their baby for the many years to come.

3.     Yawning 

Newborns seldom show any facial expressions hence yawning is the most of it that you can capture in a shot.

Find some of the important tips on poses that are mostly followed by London based newborn photographers-

Ø  If you want detailed shots then take photos from different angles all the while standing up and moving around.

Ø  When setting the scene make sure that the baby looks comfortable and peaceful also sort the props properly. The blanket should not have wrinkles and the color should be perfectly blended with the props.

Ø  Bringing a newborn to a certain pose can be time taking so when you are finally sure of the pose then take the photographs from every possible angle.

Ø  When you have taken enough shots and moving forward to change the setting or props try not to disturb the baby.

Ø  If the baby wakes up between the ongoing photo session then you can try to make the baby go back to sleep by covering her with a blanket and rubbing the back slowly.  

Ø  In case you are using a bowl in which the baby will be placed for the photoshoot, try to get a shallow one.

Lastly, you must ensure that your baby is happy and peaceful as nothing can enhance your newborn’s first photography session more than those sweet baby expressions.

Author Bio:

Neli Prahova is a professional photographer based in London, UK. First picking up a camera at the age of 14, Neli possess a passion for photography which has been nurtured over many years through extensive training in New York and London with leading wedding photographers.

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