New Crypto Currency Coins Is Better Investment Option!

by Ajit Patil GDC Coin
You live in a system of the financial system where the currency or money you make and spend cannot be traced and it has a physical entity. Imagine living in a system where all your financial transactions can be traced anytime, anywhere and by anyone but yet you cannot see the money! That’s the magic of “Cryptocurrency”!

Why does the “Magic- Cryptocurrency” exist”!

In your current “Federal Reserve System” there are regulatory bodies’ like- Central Boards or Governments who based on certain rules and regulations incorporate the production of Currency or money and circulate them in their ecosystem. The economy of states gets operated with the currency but without the permission of these authorities, you cannot print new units.

Crypto Currency is not governed by anybody and is decentralized, are digital assets created to function as the source of exchange using cryptography. As a result of this, the transactions get recorded in the time machine or the system and also command the creation of new units. The complete system of Cryptocurrency and its safety, ledger, and integrity is under the control of few unknown people who form a community known as “miners”. All this is done with mutual consent and everyone and anyone can become a miner only he/she using their computers has to endorse and time stamp transactions adding them to the ledger. The addition is done following a systematic time stamping scheme. Once the transaction by the miner is validated he/she is awarded a unit, and this also generates the new unit. 
The catch in the whole system is they are designed in such a way that will enable the production of units to go down over a certain period. Therefore units in circulations are limited and when the demand gets created the value of each unit goes up. Hence investing in Cryptocurrency when they are in abundance is considered wise and that’s the “Second Magic” of Cryptocurrency!

Various Cryptocurrency

The inventor of the first Cryptocurrency- Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, never ever thought that his invention will dawn the era of a totally new economy. He was able to solve the puzzle, of what others were not. All others tried hard to develop a “Digital Cash” which was Peer-to-Peer network and was decentralized. In a decentralized system, the solution of tracking or recording the double spending of the unit is not possible. Also, it requires each member to have the details of all the transactions with each and every entry for any future transaction. That is where Satoshi succeeded and others failed. He gave birth to – Bitcoin. Today there are other cryptocurrencies like- GDC Coin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero and much more. 

Attributes of Cryptocurrency

What makes Cryptocurrency so attractive that they are known to create an era? Well, you must first understand the attributes it has, in that case.

A. Unalterable: The system allows you to do a transaction with your “Private Key”, which is basically a public key in cryptography. This process is termed as “Signed By”. This transaction gets immediately broadcasted to each and every member of the network but the confirmation is validated only by the “Miners”. Once the confirmation is done it becomes the part of the “Blockchain”. And as per the system, no one on this earth can then break it- hence “Unalterable”!

B. Incognito: The identity or any address of the transaction or the person cannot be traced in the system. Also, though it is possible to trace the chain of the transaction with the help of the available thirty characters, which are randomly arranged, but not the user in real life and the real world.

C. Swift and Universal: The transactions happening are superbly connected with a global network of computers and are completed within split seconds. The confirmations hardly take few minutes, without any limitation of physical geographical barriers. 

D. Exceptionally Guarded: Each transaction, in the Cryptocurrency system, is done by the private key which is unique to the user and consists of strong cryptography and huge numbers. Only the owner of the key can break the scheme. Hence it’s super secured!

E. No Authorization Required: You don’t need a go ahead, consent or authorization from any authority to start its use. Just download the software and start using the system.

F. Limited Numbers: Each kind of Cryptocurrency has been limited in terms of its generation or supply. Say for example it is known that “Bitcoin” can be delivered till 2140 only. Therefore it is possible to predict the exact number of the currency at any specific time in future.

G. Are Pure Gold: They are not debts, as in a Federal Reserve System, and are real money. They are just not mere numbers they are pure Gold coins.
With all the above properties it is understandable that your identity is concealed, your transaction can not be altered and you do not need permission from anyone to start using them. Also as they are in the limited quantity you have all the very reason of not being controlled by any bank or Government.

Be a part of the new Era…Embrace GDC coin!

All the above means you become the part of an economy which is under your control and you have the freedom to function as per your own wish and will. All the power, potential and robustness of Cryptocurrency and much more has been condensed in GDC Coin. The grandeur of the system lies here and that’s why investing in Cryptocurrency like GDC coin TODAY, is the “Meteoric Investment” choice!

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