Networking 101: How You Can Step Up Your Networking Game

by Sean L. Be the Best Beast

Let’s not lie to ourselves, the gist of sales is in making connections. Without connections, there are no closed deals. And how do we make new connections? We do it by networking. Networking allows us to tap into new resources. When you network, you meet new people and potential customers, you get to learn directly from the individuals you meet and you make your presence known. It doesn’t even matter what your aim is. Even the unemployed people need to network because the process of job hunting gets really easy if you know the right person. That’s why you need to read the article below and learn how to step up your networking game.

What do you already possess?

Before you start anything, take a look at what you already have.

·         What does your network look like now?

·         What about the resources you already have?

Make sure that you do not overlook the potential that is already around you. The key here is to realize that you can create new opportunities from pre-existing ones. If you can do that, you’ve mastered the most elemental skill networking-wise.

What is your final destination here?

Hopefully, you’re not doing this for the sake of doing it. You have to set a goal, a destination you want to reach and focus all your energy towards accomplishing the goal.

·         Do you want to enhance your current business?

·         Are you looking for a new job?

Set a goal and come up with a timeframe. Maybe you need something that is long term. For example, you own a business and you want to make one million dollars. Most of the small business owners know that making that cash probably takes up five years. And that’s how they set up a clear 5-year goal. Apply this principle to your need for networking and go one step at a time.


You won’t meet new people and you won’t find that sweet opportunity by sitting on your coach and watching TV. You have to mingle! Look for events and check them out. It doesn’t matter whether they are events organized by big companies such as Samsung or Apple or they’re rather small, minor events. You can never know who you might meet in a meet-up organized in a basement bar, for example. Get there, communicate and network!

Not everyone is a good match

It is clear that you can network with anyone, that’s fine. However, communicating your message to all the wrong individuals will get you nothing. When you realize that you’re having a conversation with a person that isn’t a good match, and you’ll know that by the quality of the conversation itself, do not hesitate to leave. Exit quickly from that convo. Of course, when you find good conversations with people who could be the right fit, don’t be too quick to leave. One or two rich conversations could leave you with a few good connections.

Social media to the rescue

This is the 21st century and social media have never been more powerful. Find groups in your field and connect with them online. Check Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites! This is a good way to find new connections or even reconnect with someone you already know. Additionally, you can look at friends of these individuals you have there and find new connections that could possibly result in something good for you. Engage in sites like LinkedIn and LinkedIn Events, you’ll help yourself reach the goal you’re aiming at.

Practice your speech

Yes, you read it correctly. Having an outline or an already prepared speech isn’t a bad idea. Keep in mind what your main points are when approaching new people. Do not take up too much of someone’s time and be concise. Polish your speech, polish your body language and be confident. An open individual with positive body language is a person that everyone likes to have around.


Some would say that this guide may be simple. However, the number of people who don’t get these fundamentals is huge. Make sure that you’re not one of them. Happy networking!

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