Necessities Of Chimney Cleaning & Potential Risks Involved

by Daniel Barden Expert Roof Chimney & Gutters Service Provider
Oftentimes, we leave chimney in an unclean and unmaintained condition which invite major threats. Different issues should be comprehended in order to avoid mishaps.

A chimney and a fireplace together contribute to the value of your house, but there are more things worthy of attention than just their advantages. To be able to keep on enjoying the various benefits provided by chimneys, homeowners need to maintain them properly.

As each and everything needs proper maintenance, you should not be surprised to know that your chimney is no exception. Rather chimneys in Dublin are prone to a lot of problems and there is no such strategy that can eliminate the vulnerabilities. So how do you go about keeping your chimney in a tip-top condition? If your answer is hazy, you need to rethink your chimney cleaning and maintenance programmes. 

There are many potential issues which need to be addressed at various times. The five most common issues involve creosote, blockage, cracks in the flue, brickwork problems, and the chimney cap and crown.

In order to clean and maintain your chimney properly, you first need to delve into the potential issues. 

Creosote and Soot:
When wood is burnt, smoke is not the only things that go up the chimney. A substance called creosote gets deposited inside the chimney lining when the wood is burnt for quite some time. This substance is a black or dark brown tar while soot is a fine carbon powder which is responsible behind the colour of smoke. The combination of soot and creosote is referred to as chimney creosote. 

Creosotes are dangerous as they not only block the chimney passage but also cause chimney fires. Every year, many thousands of house fires are caused because of dirty chimneys which have not been properly cleaned.

There are many other forms of blockage besides creosotes. Some of the most dangerous situations arise when a chimney remains unused for a period of time. An unused chimney may be blocked by tree leaves, bird nests, or debris. 

The most common mistake that people usually do is not paying attention to chimney blockages. If you have not lit up your fireplace lately, make sure to check for blockages. Blockages can lead to house fires as the smoke from the fireplace gets trapped and can not escape. 

There are several other issues with chimney for which maintaining and regular cleaning is necessary. Make sure to contact a professional cleaner and make a regular cleaning deal. Search the web and look for classifieds to find the best professional cleaners from Dublin. 

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