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Anxiety, stress and panic disorder are well-recognized conditions that are common in men and women. While stress and anxiety are often experienced in anticipation of an event, it is when it becomes excessive and disruptive that it is problematic. Most conventional medicinal practices recommend the use of harsh prescription medication to stabilize mood. Unfortunately such medications cause more problems than good with lasting effects on general health. With alternative and natural treatment anxiety Toronto patients can take advantage of steps to achieve balanced emotional health.

The Symptoms of Anxiety

When seeking the appropriate treatment to cope with the excessive and disturbing anxiety experienced, it is important to differentiate between normal feelings of anxiousness and limiting symptoms that become overwhelming and difficult to manage.

Normal levels of anxiety are characterized by mild feelings of nervousness and stress but tend to pass as one copes with these feelings and the task at hand. You can live a normal lifestyle and not suffer the consequences of such symptoms.

When anxiety becomes problematic, it is disruptive, distressing and limits your ability to live a full and healthy lifestyle. Your sense of anxiety and panic are exacerbated by triggers in your environment often leading to panic attacks, unnecessary roundabout routes to avoid an area or trigger and limitations that make a regular lifestyle increasingly hard.

Symptoms of overwhelming and abnormal levels of anxiety:

  • High pulse
  • Excessive sweating
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • A sense of dread
  • Tension
  • Poor social relationships
  • Chest constriction and feeling as though you cannot breathe

Naturopathic Medicine for Anxiety

To cope with severe anxiety, the naturopathic doctor creates comprehensive plans to address your overall well-being. From the introduction of exercise to confronting and identifying potential triggers that are responsible for symptoms, your doctor works with you to create a non-invasive healthcare plan.

Diet is an important part of managing anxiety. Your body requires Omega fats to support neurotransmitter function. Incorporating Omega 3, 6 and 9 fats can assist in restoring normal nerve operation.

Addressing negative cognition is an important part of handling anxiety. This includes repetitive negativity that distorts our perceptions and impacts our behaviors. By reinforcing positivity, it can assist in relieving much of our distorted beliefs and practices.

Call on your naturopathic practitioner when you need to manage your anxiety the natural way. Your dedicated professional will determine a complete lifestyle enhancement to support your needs and facilitate change.

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