Natural Area Rugs Made From Raw Material

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Your home is your safe haven where you can relax, happy, and at peace. But when bad energy is lingering you, your home will become the opposite. Area rugs can improve the ambiance of your home. Having an area rug in your home can improve just not the design of your home but it can boost the whole atmosphere in your home. 

Area Rugs

Area rugs bring a unique aesthetic dimension to your home, helping to add flair and elegance to any room in your house. They are usually used to accentuate a specific piece or to create a multi-layered effect. There are many different types of area rugs, each with its own unique feel and style that can truly make a statement. Below is a short description of each type of area rug, how it was made, and how it can enhance your home decor:

  • Persian Spinning Area Rugs. The Sphinx area rugs are a unique choice to use in homes and businesses. Made of wool and cotton, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. The wool used in the Sphinx area rugs is very durable and soft. Spinning by hand creates a smooth, tight yarn that is ideal for producing high-quality rugs.

  • Spiral Area Rugs. Similar to a spinners rug, spiral area rugs are crafted by tightly winding a rope of wool on a loom. They are available in a wide range of sizes and designs. They are shipped with a minimum delivery charge due to their weight and size.

  • Polypropylene Area Rugs. These are the most common type of area rugs available. Often called "fibreboards" or "ply-boards," polypropylene is a high-quality fiber that cannot be woven with other materials. It is superior to silk, cotton, wool, and nylon in all areas. Because of its strength and durability, polypropylene is the most commonly used textile in sphinx and other spinning machines.

  • Polypropylene spinner area rugs are a popular choice in home decorating. They are made by taking six feet of polypropylene yarn, or threads, and tightly winding it onto a spindle. Once the threads are tightly wound, it is wrapped around a spindle. It is then further processed by stamping a polymer solution on the fibers to make them strong and flexible. After that, the rug is stamped with a design made from polypropylene, or with designs such as carvings, embroidery, and carpeting. A special dye makes the rug stain resistant.

Common Materials For Area Rug

When choosing the right rug, there are many variables to remember, one of the most important is the material. The substance determines the feeling, longevity, and purpose of a rug. It's important to choose the right material to fit your needs in order to find the perfect rug. Here are some choices for a natural rug:

  1. Wool Rugs - It should come as no surprise that the most common rug choice among homeowners is wool, one of the most robust rug choices available. 

  1. Cotton Rugs - Another fiber that dyes readily and makes for many colors is cotton. Cotton rugs are less pricey and have a more relaxed appearance than wool rugs. 

  1. Jute And Sisal Rug - Jute and sisal make tough rugs that are very durable. The structure of these rugs makes textures and weaves that usually can not be accomplished by other types of fibers

  1. Silk and viscose Rugs - Silk and viscose are materials that are very delicate, easy to dye, and absorbent. Although they are flexible, they are not very robust on their own. They fit well with wool in a mixture.

  1. Nylon Rugs - Nylon is a manufactured fiber that can be converted into an endless number of colors. It is immune to dirt and crumbs and you can clean it quickly. It is a very solid fiber that withstands heavy traffic and is robust.

  1. Olefin Rug - The most common manufactured fiber used in rugs is olefin (polypropylene). It is stain-resistant, soft like wool, holds color well, and is affordable.

Oriental Area Rug

The Oriental rug industry has long incorporated high-twist and two-tone yarns to add interesting surface texture to area rugs. These materials also add extra value to the rug. In addition to adding texture, they also make for a very desirable rug that can be considered collectible. Some of the Oriental rugs have been machine-woven using a single-ply, double-sided fabric that results in a very durable, beautiful rug.

Tradition African Material

This collection is inspired by traditional African art and architecture. The woven rug is crafted out of 100% pure African walnut. In addition, it features a smooth, durable finish that resists scratching and tarnishing. Each area rug is carefully hand-crafted and then finished with a protective wax coating. Because of its heavy feel, this collection is great for floor coverings.

This is a great collection of modern rug designs and represents a fusion of contemporary and traditional rugs by style. It offers a variety of sizes ranging from large through small so you can find one to fit your space. The design is inspired by traditional African craftsmanship and translates the beautiful aesthetic of the desert into your home. This collection features a wide range of textures including natural earth tone, mocha, and waffle.

Morrocan Area Rug

This is a traditional hand-woven traditional Moroccan rug that comes in a range of natural colors. It is easy to clean and resistant to moisture. The design is a flat weave, single-piece carpet with a medium-sized, solid white color on top and a medium-sized, dark-colored backing. This is a durable and attractive choice for any room in your home. Anastasia is made using the same processes as all the other area rugs mentioned above, which means no chemicals or pesticides were used during production. The unique processing allows the rugs to have a softness and silky feel that cannot be found in other types of synthetic materials.

This is an interesting collection of rugs. It comes from the traditional weaving of Berber regions in Morocco. It is made from an area of North Africa known as the Atlas mountains. The main areas of origin are Ati, Sahara Desert, and the Atlas mountains. Each rug is made from a different fiber from the Berber region of Morocco.


These are a gift to the world from Mother Earth. They are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and green in a natural way. Wool, jute, silk, seagrass, these are presents that continue to offer. Beyond the fiber, bear in mind that it is necessary to take into account the structure of the rug because it also affects how the rug will wear and its longevity.

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