Native App Development Vs Hybrid App Development

by Amelia Williams Web and App Developer

Native application or hybrid applications? Which one should you choose for your next application project? This question is completely debatable. Native apps have their own pros and hybrid apps have their own. And both these options are progressing ones. If you know everything about these applications, it can become a lot more difficult for you to choose, because let us be honest, both of these are great. 

Hybrid and Native application development companies are growing in the market. So many new vendors have come in to give you the easiest solutions to the most difficult problems of yours. These mobile applications work as communication and sales channels for your clients. This is the main reason to choose the right app development framework, for your application’s success. Native app development company will help you guide what the main and unique parts are in a hybrid app and native mobile application development. 

In this article, we will clear all your doubts and problems regarding application development and which one will suit your project the most. 

Native Applications

What is the meaning of Native app development? Native app development is basically developing a fully built app that fulfils all the requirements and guidelines of any operating software system. There are separate Native apps built for each platform of the system. Native applications can be easily downloaded from a play store into your mobile or desktop device. These applications are launched without the help of an outsider, these can tools, different browsers or techs. Native application development companies give you apps that store memories and personal data into the gadgets cloud system or in the memory section. 

Native applications have a lot of different tools and technologies inbuilt in them. React Native app development uses binary. This is a language that can only be understood by computers. Native apps are usually built with native programming languages. All the native apps have a code that can be run on different specific browsing processors. These all follow a set of commands. 

Native app developers use different techs, such as SDK (software development kit), this has its own set of device tools and it also uses IDE (integrated development background). These tools help with operating the system easily. Android OS applications are some of the most famous systems for native app development.  

Android OS systems - This was created by google for touchscreens devices, mostly mobile devices. These use Java and Kotlin languages for programming native apps. For native app development in android systems, these use Android development kit with Android SDK systems. With the help of these tools, you can gain full functionality for developing necessary libraries and headers for building a Native app. These also help with managing inputs and using different sensors. 

iOS systems - These are created by Apple themselves. These also use a swift programming language in native iOS applications. Swift is a programming language for basic general-purpose with a modern approach. These are for performances, patterns and safety issues for designing mobile applications. 

Main advantages of Native application development

  1. With the help of Native applications, you can work smoothly, you get faster operating system speed. OS has the advantage of providing good speed in any device. 
  2. These have great designs for enhancing user experiences. This is possible with the help of UI/UX designs and animation
  3. React Native application development UI allows users to easily understand the navigation within the app quickly. 
  4. These applications have good integration of hardware systems of the device i.e camera, screens, etc. 
  5. Native apps can be easily launched in the App store. These apps completely follow OS guidelines. 
  6. Native apps have better security in them and these are also more reliable. 
  7. Any new features can be implemented in them, these can be the new market demand features for a better users experience. 
  8. Native apps can be operated offline. 

Native applications have a better look and feel to them. These can be operated easily and pretty well and helps with increasing user experiences and customer satisfaction. 

Hybrid Applications

Hybrid basically means it is a mixture of different characters and elements in one application altogether. Hybrid application development is one of the most famous servers for cross platform application development solutions. Why are hybrid applications so famous? This is because these apps use comparatively less money in the development process and these are also faster than other applications. 

Hybrid applications have a lot of different variants, these include mobile applications, responsive mobile web sites and PWAs (progressive web apps). There are different types of hybrid apps available in the market as well, these are mobile websites, hybrid apps, applications that use their own runtime to process a lot of different programming languages, and apps that have cross-platform codes that can be compiled into native codes. Native applications do not have a lot of subcategories but hybrid apps do. 

Hybrid applications are developed for one specific software operating system for mobile application platforms. This is all possible with the help of particular programming languages. 

Hybrid applications can work on different platforms. Hybrid apps that are created for Android and iOS will also be able to run on other smart platforms. Meaning, hybrid apps are made of a combination of native and web apps. Many companies around the world have used Hybrid frameworks for their app development, some of them are Amazon, Netflix, Evernote, etc. 

Hybrid apps are created with the help of different cross platform app development services and tools. This helps in saving coding time. Hybrid applications use Apache Cordova, Ionic, Xamarin, NativeScript, PhoneGap, etc. 

React native is a hybrid framework that helps in easing the process of app development. There are a lot of React Native app development companies that are willing to provide apps of the best quality. Creating react native applications helps in saving time, costs and efforts. 

Advantages of Hybrid application development 

  1. Hybrid applications are cost-effective. This is due to the number of different ready-made components it has. Most of the time these are modules and frameworks. 
  2. Hybrid applications only have to be compiled once and then they can be used anywhere. This helps in reaching a wider audience. These apps can be used in Android, iOS and Windows processors. 
  3. These apps are designed with UX designs equally and allows users to easily recognize application elements. 
  4. Hybrid uses UI/UX designs. 
  5. Hybrid applications have growing support from developers communities around the world. 
  6. These applications can be easily maintained, can be upgraded and also they are easy to work with.

With the help of the information provided above, you and your organization should be able to make the right decision regarding application development. Whichever one you choose, remember, they both will help you maintain your workflow easily and might help with enhancing your user’s experience and satisfaction levels as well.

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