Nasal blockage and sinus pain!

by Amelia Brynlie Blogger, SEO Executive

Many people suffering from sinusitis wonder if nasal blockage reversal in India is possible or not. We are very grateful to be breaking to you that yes, it is definitely possible!

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Now, let us talk about nasal blockage and sinus, and why it is that people go for surgeries and reversal programs. 

Having extreme nasal blockage, or sinus means experiencing excruciating pain which surfaces anytime. The symptoms are pain, nasal congestion, and thick nasal discharge. 

The number of people opting for head and neck surgery to get rid of these symptoms is increasing day by day. It is majorly because of an increase in pollutants.

Now, what causes sinus pain and nasal blockage?

The most common cause is allergy. Some people have seasonal allergies while others might have year-round allergies which can be triggered anytime, further triggering sinus pain and blockage.

The next cause is the common cold or flu, which is a direct result of unprotected exposure to a virus. Sometimes with time and common cold and flu medications, it goes away. But other times bacteria grows where the mucus builds up and sometimes causes a lingering sinus infection. That infection can be there after the cold and flu has gone. 

Exposure to pollutants like polluted air, cigarette smoke, and chemical irritants such as pesticide sprays and household cleaners etc can also cause inflamed sinus lining. 

Another cause can be polyps. They're sac-like growths of inflamed tissue on the lining of the sinuses causing the blockage. 

Anatomical issues can also be a very prevalent cause. A structural problem like a deviated septum or nasal bone spur can prevent mucus from draining out of the sinus, again resulting in blockage. 

People with weakened immune systems often fall prey to fungi. Especially the people suffering from conditions such as AIDS, leukaemia, etc.

There are many ways in which you can prevent sinus pain and congestion. You can't eliminate or cure but, these tips can help you to keep infection at bay. 

Wash your hands frequently, especially during cold weather. 

You can get a flu shot yearly to prevent yourself from catching the flu which can very easily trigger blockage and sinusitis. 

Eating a balanced diet and doing exercise regularly is always a plus. It helps to strengthen your immunity system, which in return helps your body fight infections. 

Quit smoking. Cigarette smoke can be a major trigger to sinuses. Dryness can trigger sinus pain very easily. Take steam, run a hot shower or use a humidification machine. If you do use one, make sure that you clean it every day following all the directions and cautions mentioned. 

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