Nacon Rig Pro Compact Wired Controller Review: What’s So Special?

by Harry Williams Manager

Nacon Pro Compact Wired Controller offers exactly what users gamers need. With comfortable handling, dozens of customization options, and easy-to-set-up features makes it a perfect fit for players. The controller is wired, but cable length is so basic that the gamers won’t even notice the difference.

It is offered with Dolby Atmos that allows players to experience 3D audio straight from the controller. However, it is a bit smaller in comparison to the Xbox controller or normal PlayStation. But it counts as more of an advantage and not a downside. For detailed information, read the below-given review on Nacon Rig Compact Wired Controller:

Uncover the Box: Let’s find out what players get?

Rig Pro Controller is designed pretty elegantly and does not include too many complications. While unboxing, you will uncover a nice white-designed controller. Also, you will receive plenty of information that you already expect from the controller. Inside, it includes a little bit of paperwork like a customer support card, some Rig/Nacon decals, details on how Dolby Atmos works, and a piece of warranty information. 

Other than that, you will find a long-awaited item, the Rig Pro Compact Controller. The controller comes in one piece that connects completely to the top part. However, the cable does separate at the bottom part. As these days, everything is becoming wireless, it would have been better for the controller to be wireless. But as mentioned above, players would not notice the cable difference due to its basic cable length. And carrying wireless these days is becoming a trend. Hopefully, the next edition may arrive with a wireless controller. 

Build Quality and Aesthetics: How tough it is?

When we talk about the appearance of the Pro Compact Controller, the entire concept seems a bit conflicted. The white look of backplates and face is completely lovable. And the graphite-colored d-pad and trigger buttons are appreciable as well. It is designed with bronze color around the thumbsticks along with a pretty design pattern at the top. However, the top portion with a black pattern on the controller is not so cool. While examining the controller, it looked a little less impressive. The controller is a magnet for fingerprints, as it is glossy on the top. 

You can appreciate button replacement. The given action buttons are expanded, and other buttons are designed closer to each side of the controller. For build quality, it should be labeled as well constructed controller. This excellent quality controller will not smirk at anything. It does not include much weight, and not even a single criticism has struck its image. 

Specifications and Special features

While purchasing, you must keep in mind that it is designed for the following devices:

  • It is designed for the most popular gaming device Xbox Series X.
  • And is also designed for another one with a popularity rate Xbox One.
  • Also, the controller is compatible with PC. 

If we talk about universal ergonomics, it includes a 15% smaller size in comparison to the classic game controller, which makes it a perfect fit for various ranges of hand sizes. The controller has a textured grip that makes sure to provide comfort and stability for long gaming sessions. Like a professional controller, it provides customization for your fingertips. The Pro Compact companion app is available on the Microsoft Store for modern game customization. You get stick settings, trigger sensitivity controls, and programmable buttons, which is pretty great. 

Not to forget that players get Dolby Atmos for headphones. With Dolby Atmos, you can unleash power into your games by activating the feature. You will need to download Dolby Atmos App for the feature to work. Once you have done this, plug your headphone into your controller, and increase the audio quality. 

Nacon has made its controller extremely user-friendly and has provided easy-to-use apps. These apps make it easier to adjust the controller according to the preferred choice. You can also change the given deadline on the thumbsticks. 

Here, one thing that comes to mind is the controller labeled as “Pro Controller,” but it does not contain any buttons on the backside. Usually, Pro Controllers get these backside buttons on the controller. 

Gameplay: How is the experience?

While testing the controller, it did not result in any kind of complication. It was not that hard to get used to the smaller controller design. Well, it’s a party for people with smaller hands. The most interesting and appreciable parts are oversized buttons and option buttons. However, during a gaming session, one thing was a disappointment, as well as some of the buttons, was not responsive as you expect them to be. Especially the thumbsticks and shoulder buttons were uneven from each other. You will find thumbstick clicks a little bit slippery too. The edges are also missing grip on them. Although, having various apps to customize your preferred choice is an advantage to the controller. 

What more could it have included?

One of the major issues with Pro Compact is that they offer thumbsticks with slippery edges and slow responsiveness of buttons. It is safe to say that Pro Compact offers comfort, but when normal buttons are not working properly, how much does the comfort worth in that matter. 

Conclusion: Should you buy it?

The controller does offer impressive features like audiophiles and customization options. Also, it includes some of the shortcomings, but it is great, though, given the price tag. You get to do everything you want and more in just $50. So, in the end, it is pretty much recommended to the players.


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