Myths of the World

by Mohit Dhawan Monotonous Feed
Myths are the facts that are not scientifically proves but are believed by many people and even science can not prove those facts right or wrong. So, lets read about some facts, that are believed since ages and science is not able to say anything them. Can you name some myths, that you believe or you are listening since many years? Well, we can give some information on some world famous myths that are still believed by many people across the world. 

It is said that Atlantis was an utopian city that was wiped out in a single night due to some unknown reasons. Some say that it was wiped out due to unearthly cataclysm. Many cities are said to be destroyed or disappeared due to climatic reasons, but Atlantis stays on the top of the list. Now, is this story real, did there ever existed a city called Atlantis, or its just a false story, we will not debate. You decide, that if you want to believe it or not!

The Great Flood

Jews and Christians tell and believe this story, and state that its a story of Noah. These stories are maybe inspired by reality, but many people including Christians believe this story. Even National Geography once reported that there once was a globe destroying flood, but knows whats reality and whats not. Even if this flood occurred, it would have occurred around 2000-3000 BC, so there is no evident that it would have occurred in reality. 

Bulls Do Not Like Red

Well, just everyone believes in this myth, like just everyone. Everyone believes that bulls hate red, and guess what...cows and bulls are colorblind. So if they can't differentiate between colors, so how can they hate red or get angry from red? This myth is used from years by bullfighters, but the reality behind it is that what really bulls hates is the fact that the bullfighters keep on hitting them or tease them with that red crape. And this is the only scientifically proven myth and rest of the above are still not cleared.

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