Myths about Scrap Car Services in Milton Keynes

by John Smith I am Professional Article Writer, since 2012

If you are a resident of Milton Keynes or if you just have a weird gathering like me, you may be familiar with these myths relating to Scrap Car Services in Milton Keynes. As a Child a Scrap yard was the scariest thing imaginable and that maybe thanks to my Brother telling me weird stories about it or just the old time movies with Scrap Yard scenes. However, now that I am grown, I contacted We Scrap Cars, a Scrap Yard near me to give me the details of how everything works, I want to see if there is any truth to the matter my brother told me about.

Let’s start with the Myths, I’ll go with the least scary thing first;

Scrap for Cash

As a grown person I am ready to admit that I though most yards took scrap for Cash instead of other ways of transaction. However, I was corrected by the person guiding me at the facility who seemed to have heard the same question multiple times, I found out that actually the Scrap for Cash deal was off the table because, well, it was illegal.

In the early 2013, the Scrap Metal Dealer Act came out and it made it illegal to provide cash for any scrap transaction. It was to prevent robbed and stolen vehicle circulation as people now has to provide some type of ID in return for the Metal exchange and it had a paper trail.   

Toxic Waste

When I was young, I used to have the image from Ed, Edd & Eddy of what a scrap yard looked like. In my imagination this meant there would be disgusting smell everywhere, trash metal would be piling up with stray animals and those scary looking girls but more real-life. I am not afraid to admit that as I grew up, I still held that in my mind, the image of what a scrap yard looks like.

When I went and visited the Scrap car service in Milton Keynes however, it was oddly… normal. Yes, there were a lot of cars that were crushed and piled but the only scare I felt was in care they would topple, but they seemed to be kept secure. The image in my mind freshened up a little, this place was much cleaner, of course there were spare parts everywhere but it was fairly normal.

Murder and Drug Lords

The most outlandish belief I had was that scrapyards had big machines and these machines were used to murder people by the mafia. Don’t ask me how I formed that belief, all I can say is that I watched a lot of bad mafia movies in my childhood. The modes I watched showed Morgues and Scrapyards as hiding places for Murder and Drugs.

When I got the energy and asked my guide about the things I had watched, he choked on his coke as he stifled his laugh at me. He said he has heard many things from his friends at other Scrap Car services in Milton Keynes and even out of the area but that one was a new one and the funniest to him, he also said that if that was the case he would be rich but unfortunately there is no such thing. 

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