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In today’s age, automotive vehicles are widely regarded as the most convenient and efficient means for a commute from one destination to another. Considering its wide extent of coverage coupled with its complex circuital structure, proper maintenance cycles for its optimal functioning is extremely crucial. Although, usually, figuring out what your vehicle needs and when it needs it is relatively difficult as there are no convenient means to gauge the health of the vehicle. Fortunately, the experts at myOrien have developed the ideal product to measure and record every conceivable data. The details about the features and abilities of the myOrien are detailed in the following.


About myOrien


  1. The myOrien company is comprised of the brightest and the most innovative minds at work to achieve its ultimate aim - to humanize technology. Their first attempt at making technology smarter and more convenient is the myOrien device. The device is intricately designed with the purpose of gauging automotive vehicles’ health efficiently in mind. The device simply attaches to the inner circuitry of your car and starts receiving all the relevant data that the vehicle generates while being used or during a trip. It is accompanied by a mobile application that is tailor-made specifically for the device and is supposed to display all the data that the device receives in a readable format to the consumer. Added to the ease of installation, the myOrien device ships with a wide collection of features, each of which are detailed in the following. Imagine you’re going on a vacation, and your car suddenly stops. Your gateway to relaxation will turn into a stressful experience. You don’t know what is wrong with your car and whom to contact in the middle of the trip. To avoid such an uneventful situation why not use myOrien and keep the health of your car in a perfect state.





The myOrien device offers a wide selection of features which are detailed in the following: -


1.    Real-Time Data - The myOrien device, accompanied by the myOrien application, boasts of a minimal refresh interval of 3 seconds. This essentially means the data that is being displayed to you are updated every 3 seconds to give you a real-time analysis of your vehicle. This allows the user to know of any malfunction within the vehicle the moment it occurs so appropriate action can be taken to minimize the damage and recover the vehicle quickly from transitioning to a fatal state.


2.    Ease of Installation - To avail the features offered by the myOrien device, one doesn’t need to perform any complex installation actions. The device is extremely easy to install as it only needs to be simply plugged into a car’s OBD port which allows access to all the data generated by your vehicle to the myOrien device.


3.    Security - The data that is generated by your vehicle is first encrypted using a secure algorithm and is then sent to the myOrien cloud server through which the mobile application can display the relevant data to you at the consumer end. The privacy is maintained through encryption which can only be decoded by you through the myOrien application.


4.    Fluid UI - The companion myOrien application is extremely easy to use and navigate through. It ensures that the user has to put in minimal efforts to access their data since it is programmed to inform you of any noticeable change in your cars’ health or in the data that it generates at the moment when the change occurs. Along with the automated functions, the application organizes all the available data in appropriate sections to make it easier for the user to access the said data.


5.    Offline Mode - myOrien understands that users can’t always have stable access to the internet while driving from one destination to another. Understanding the same, the myOrien device ships with an offline mode that enables the user to store their data trip data for 72 hours to function even when there is no connection to the internet available.


6.    Updates and Support - The myOrien device is relatively future-proof as it makes sure to download and install any available updates for the device over-the-air. The application auto updates the device whenever there is access to the internet. This ensures that the myOrien device keeps itself updated with the latest firmware and additional plugins to maintain its relevance for the coming future.



The myOrien device measures the health of the car based on a number of criteria that are listed and detailed in the following:

1.    Speed Alert - The device checks the legal speed limit of the road that the vehicle is currently traveling by precisely locating it through the GPS system that is built in the system. If the vehicle exceeds the speed limit for that specific road, the user will be immediately notified of the same so that they can control the acceleration to avoid any unwanted penalties.


2.    Harsh Breaking - The myOrien device measures the rate of deacceleration when the break is applied by the driver. After measuring the same, it informs the user if the car comes to a halt faster than the stoppage time that is recommended by the car manufacturer to maintain the health of the engine and the overall vehicle.


3.    Rapid Acceleration - The device is programmed to inform the driver if the rate of acceleration exceeds than what is recommended to ensure that the driver commutes to their desired destination safely while maintaining the health of the vehicle.



4.    Geo-Fencing - This feature allows the user to specify a customizable area within which the vehicle can move freely. This feature is ideal for anyone who wants to limit their vehicles from traveling beyond a certain location. If the vehicle passes through the virtual fence, then the end-user is notified of the same, so they can take appropriate actions.


5.      Maintenance Alert - The myOrien device is programmed to inform the end-user to take the vehicle for maintenance to retain the vehicles’ health. The device informs the user through the application, after regular intervals, to take their respective vehicles for maintenance.


To Conclude - The myOrien device is the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to keep a keen eye on their vehicle and the data that it generates to gauge the health of the same. It is the perfect device to maintain the health of an automotive vehicle and can be used to know what the vehicle needs and when it needs it. This allows the end-user to better care for their vehicles and elongates its lifespan by a significant amount.



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