My Experience Doing a Master Degree in Germany

by Mahapavit Anand Manager

I completed my masters in Germany, and I can say it was a great experience as a student and as a human being. I learned so many things there, and I experienced some things that would have been impossible to experience for me in my hometown.  I am sure many of you are students who wish to complete his or her master's degree in Germany, and you may have countless questions for same. Along with students’ parents may also have various questions such as safety of their kids in Germany, cost of the studies, cultural diversities and all other things. For your help here I am sharing my experience doing a master’s degree in Germany and I will cover all the essential aspects of staying in Germany in this post for you.

Language barrier: Language is probably the biggest hurdle for all those students who want to do their masters degree in Germany. You can complete your course in English, but you have to communicate with people as well during your stay. In Germany, most people don't speak English or other foreign languages in Germany. That is quite obvious as well, so if you do not know the German language, you will end up having many problems here. As far as I am concerned, I never had any problem because I learned the German Language before I came to Germany. If you are planning to complete your education in this country, make sure you also learn the language to avoid any complication.

Education Cost:  The cost of education is another big concern for all the parents. Even my parents had the same doubts in their mind, and they were worried about it. But that’s the beauty of this country because students need not to pay any money for their graduation or post-graduation. This rule applies to all the students including students from other countries. So if money should not be an issue for you because ms in Germany cost nothing to you as long as you fulfill their requirement. These requirements are very basic depending on the university that you chose so it should not be an issue for you.

Quality of education: Germany is probably one of those few countries that have more than 45 universities in top 1000 category. That means any university that you choose would be one of the best in the world, and you can have the best education in the world. I was lucky enough to get the admission in one of the top 5 universities in Germany and staff, teachers and facilities were beyond my imagination. But I can say the same other universities as well because I have some friends in Germany who study in lower ranked universities, but they have zero complaints about anything.  Therefore it is safe to say that quality of education is world class in Germany.

Extra earning options: In Germany students can get extra earning as well depending on the student visa they got. I got a student visa with the part-time work permit. Thanks to this, I was allowed to work for 90 full days or 180 days part time. I chose the 180 days part-time option, and I was able to make some extra money for my living while doing my ms degree germany. This extra money helped me to live comfortably for six months without asking any money from my home.  So, if you are ready to work in Germany, then you can complete your education without putting a lot of extra burden on your family.

Culture and People: As far as culture and people are concerned they are very much friendly and helpful. If you ask for any help, they will do everything possible in their hands to assist you with your problem. But along with friendliness, they respect your privacy as well. That means if you want to live your life with your terms and conditions, you are free to do that. They won’t complain about it unless your life or actions affect them in an unwanted way. Talking about safety and security, this is a nice place to live, and I found no trouble living here during my studies.

Work After education: At this time I am working in Germany, and I got my job right after completing my degree. If you can complete your MS degree, Germany is probably the easiest place to get a job.  Here you can all the top level organizations, and you can get a job in those organizations easily. So, I can say it is easy to get the job after completed your masters in Germany.

I understand I might have failed to answer all of your questions, but I seriously hope I was able to answer most of your questions that are essential to make a decision. In case you have any other doubts or concerns, you can share your questions, and I will come up with another post with answers.

This is my experience that explains how I completed my masters in Germany. I must say it was a pleasant experience and I was able to secure a bright future with the help of my education.

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