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Close your eyes and imagine a wonderful scent wafting through your home the moment you enter. Doesn’t it immediately make you feel better after a long and hard day at work? Before you order incense sticks online, you should find out more on how to burn incense and the different kinds that are available. The best incense sticks in India are those that last long, emanate a soothing aroma and not have any side-effects. Read on to know some tips on how to burn incense:

    You can burn the incense directly. The direct burning method means lighting up the incense stick via a flame/match stick and then blown out so that the ember remains for a while, and slowly releases aroma. This can sustain for a while. The incense is stuck to a flammable substance like oil and then it is rolled on to a stick. The sticks are placed in holders.

    Then, there is the indirect method of burning incense. Typically, the indirect method involves incense cones or granulated powder/paste. The Indian version is ‘dhoop’ and it usually is made of a paste of frankincense which is then mixed with an essential oil. For the aroma to get diffused there needs to be a constant heat source. Usually, incense is placed on coals so that it will burn at a slow pace and give out a fragrance. Make sure you have a good burner because cones or cylinder-type of incense burn completely and the surface you place it on should be resistant to heat. A brass burner is often used.

    Don’t place incense censers/holders on wooden surfaces as the embers or sparks can start a fire. Instead use ceramic or stone surfaces.

    Keep the room in which you are burning incense well-ventilated; move around the holder from one place to another so that the smoke and aroma gets diffused across the space.

    Needless to mention, avoid burning incense around pets or children.

    Now that you know the different methods involved in burning incense, you can look up different fragrances and order incense sticks online. Choose only the best incense sticks in India that have a good reputation. Don’t fall for the fake ones as they could have sub-standard quality of fragrance and cause itching or irritation in the eye when they are burnt. When you look for different fragrances, remember that different aromas are used for different reasons. Sandalwood, for instance is used to sanctify your home and has a divine vibe to its smell. Jasmine helps you calm down and relax; it’s used as an antidepressant fragrance. The same applies to the rose fragrance. Opt for brands or companies that largely use natural ingredients. 

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