Mulch: A Must-Have Requirement for Your Landscape

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Looking after the environment has been a priority for many and even a hobby. Availing the landscape mulch services has come as a blessing now. When you want to take care of the plants and the garden, mulch is of great help. Mulch and mulching services are readily available in the market along with the expert guide.

There are greater chances that you’ve been working on your landscape or garden for spreading mulch in order to conserve the soil. But you dropped the idea, wondering what mulch is, and does anyone give quality services? You need to plan the idea about mulch as many companies offer quality landscape mulch services.

Honestly, mulch is very important for the wellbeing of your landscaping. It controls weeds, prevents soil erosion, retains moisture, keeps the ground healthy, and so on. You are going to miss out if you are not using mulch in your garden because it is indeed pretty incredible.


Mulch, in general means a protective cover to the soil that not only protects the soil but also helps to increase the fertile quotient.

Types of Mulch

All the different types of mulch serve for different purposes, one holds better moisture the others have different benefits, and so on. So, here are the types of mulch:

·         Garden mulch

Mulch as explained above is a material you would use for covering the above soil in landscaping. As the name suggests, garden mulch is typically for garden use but works better than other mulch in the purpose of landscaping.

·         Rubber mulch

If you are looking to do your part by helping to reduce, recycle, and reuse. If this is the case, rubber mulch could be the best choice for you. It generally works in a plant growth stage and best serves the purpose of outdoor flooring as well.

This rubber mulch is made by the rubber of tires that are chopped up into smaller nuggets. Though it doesn't necessarily serve organic, it definitely helps for the organic cause. You can take help from landscape mulch services in Chicago to get the best services.

·         Bark mulch

As the name implies, this type of mulch is made up of barks of the trees. Especially to the barks of trees that are harvested from various conifers like pines and firs. Apart from good fertile soil content, the large chips of bark look pleasing to your eyes.

The benefit of bark mulch is that it doesn’t allow the moisture to get into it. As it is light in weight, it can move in rain and wind giving spaces to the landscaping soils.

·         Hardwood mulch

If you are looking for inexpensive mulch, then hardwood mulch is the one. The hardwood mulch is made up of refuse from tree trimming jobs and old wooden stuff.

The shredded pieces of tree are used as mulch. In gardens and landscaping situations, hardwood chips are utilized around the plants. It best suited to the plants that need less or no acid.

Benefits of mulch

·         Increasing the fertility of the soil

·         Mulch helps in water conservation

·         Keeps the soil warm in the cool winter as well as spring nights

·         Prevent weed, seeds, and other pests in harming the soils.

 Mulch helps in various ways. This multi-purpose mulch is used for gardening, to prevent weeds and enhance the beauty of the plants.  

There are many types of mulch in both organic and inorganic. Inorganic mulches include stones, plastic, etc. Organic includes newspaper, bark, wood chips, cocoa shells, straw, pine needles, and hay. Odyssey Landscaping Mulch guarantees the best mulch services that even provides the best landscape mulch services in Chicago. 



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