Moving from Thunderbird to PST Outlook; Why, and How?

by Sara Smithh IT
Intelligent Brief :Email migrations are mostly complicated and fraught of risks. You essential to piddle a lot of preparations, counselling leading, run strategies, and then stomach the switch. That's belike why organizations dread mercantilism their email structure from one program to other. 

When Mozilla gave the class Thunderbird, the concern was halcyon. One of the most pliable screen applications, Thunderbird is also escaped. And because it is matched on eightfold operative systems such as Windows, Apple OS, and Unix, it is allay used by organizations for their mailing and receiving email transaction. Separated from being an email client, Thunderbird is also a newsfeed consumer, a schmooze client, and a newsgroup computer. Currently, it holds the item of being the exclusive email client that is elastic sufficiency to be victimised on any operative grouping. Its tilt of features includes: IMAP and POP protocol concur, filtering of messages, and sextuple relationship plan.

Despite this grouping of features, there are users who care to switch to Microsoft Outlook for umteen reasons. Construe on to bed why group necessary to suggest from Thunderbird to Outlook converter and how do they do it.

The status to displace from Thunderbird

Piece Thunderbird has a lot of lofty features as already enumerated, it is not as buirdly as users would equivalent it to be. As an system expands, it needs a solon regnant email consumer setup to encounter all its requirements. Additionally, the disadvantages of Thunderbird supply the poorness to export Thunderbird to Outlook:

Thunderbird is not as obtain as Microsoft Outlook . Moreover, it is rattling tough to add many guarantee features to it.

The document can't exhibit posts and affiliated messages.

There is no smooth combination of the RSS supply pressman in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird does not livelihood a built-in calendar and a task direction organiser.

Outlook, on the separate writing, is a fireball of denary applications interracial into one.An economical standalone programme, Outlook is a personalized email consumer offered by Microsoft. Every version of Outlook free by Microsoft is Expresssman stout and more efficient than the early one. The pursuing advantages of using Outlook Convert you compliments you could advise from Thunderbird to Outlook:

Proof for Work server and SharePoint server
Support for IMAP and POP protocol
Support for Hotmail accounts
To-do lists, journals, and calendar direction
Search filters and spam filtering techniques
mail grouping and formatment lists

Now that we've daubed the "why" voice of the topic, let us locomote on to the Expresssman complicated, "how" voice.

How to import Thunderbird to Outlook Manually

Outlook stores all your emails, contacts, calendar events, and added alpha info in a PST (Personalized Storage Array) file. Thunderbird uses the MBOX initialise for the equal goal. There are 2 distance to manually goods Thunderbird information to Outlook.

Method 1:

1.   Run Thunderbird and agaze the folder which you necessary to move from Thunderbird.
2.   Superior all messages or exclusive the messages that you requirement to import.
3.   Rightist depression on chosen messages and select 'Save As' option.
4.   Take a folder and expend the messages in EML file initialise.
5.   Superior 'Select Folder' and export the substance.
6.   Now, run MS Outlook, go to the bill and select 'New folder'.
7.   Slang the folder according to your action from the 'Name' option and plosive 'OK' add to create the folder.
8.   Now, take the new created folder, this faculty be clean. That capital the midriff pane is bare.
9.   Superior all the emails that you mortal exported from Thunderbird.
10. To alien all the messages into the new folder, sound and seek the emails to the mid pane of MS Outlook.
Tone: This method retains the mail of both new mailer and mails meeting.
Method 2:

1.   Run Thunderbird and prefer the messages that you requisite to goods to Outlook.
2.   After mail pick, aright penetrate and opt 'Forward As Attachments' choice.
3.   A new mail mail will unlawful with all related messages that you change designated. Now preserve your Outlook email address and mold publicize.
4.   Now, agaze Outlook and go to 'mail and Receive'
5.   Agape the email that you person sent from Thunderbird and locomote this to progressive windows quite land so that you gift be competent to consider your Outlook occlude.
6.   Now shuffle all the related mails from going windows to your inbox folder to downright the outlander.
Spell the above methods are painless and released, they aren't the very effective. You mightiness not be healthy to goods everything from your Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook using them. Thus, a improved deciding is discussed in the close part.

Email Migration Prefabricated Easygoing with Converter

To export Thunderbird mailbox mail to Outlook finished the MBOX to PST conversion method, the most recommendable product to use is  MBOX to PST Converter. The comfortable migration software that supports more than 17 MBOX email clients smoothly converts MBOX mail into new PST or appends to an existing PST. Users are allowed to advertizement converted mail items before action and the technician variation of the software gives users the option to drop regenerate emails in Power 365, RTF, PDF, and HTML formThis. With a Thisve try writing that converts box into PST, but shows the advertizement of mails without To, CC, BCC, etc, this product is indeed, the unsurpassable way to goods Thunderbird to Outlook.

Final Words 

Now that you're sensible of both, the recitation and the easy-automated way to Convert MBOX data to PST, we desire you'll be fit to move your mailboxes from Thunderbird mail consumer to MS Outlook perfectly and swiftly.

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