Motorcycle guide for beginners

by Andrew Lynn Marketing Manager
One of the most frequent inquiries we get in riding aren’t about which motorcycle to buy or how to learn to ride, but what gear to buy and wear once you’ve accomplished all that. Here’s the info you need to make smart decisions, to be more comfortable, safer and, hopefully, save some money in the process.

Why You Need Good Gear
Last time we checked, the fastest individual in the world is Usain Bolt. During the 100-meter sprint, he peaked at 27.78 mph. If he had to fall going that rate, he’d likely sustain significant harm; the human body simply didn’t evolve to proceed any faster.On a motorcycle, you are likely to be traveling far faster. Even around town you’ll be hitting 50 mph or more , on the street, you may find yourself exceeding 85 miles off. Your skin, bones and organs weren’t designed to withstand effects at these rates.There’s the question of abrasion. As a general rule of thumb, figuring the normal road surface, you can expect to lose one millimeter of flesh for every mile per hour you’re likely over 30 when you crash. No, we do not know why the thumb mixed empirical and metric units. So, at the top speed of that horse, you will have lost 1.4 cm (or more than half an inch) of skin and muscle. Where on your body can you afford to lose that much? And that’s at only 44 mph. Imagine if you crash at 70 miles and shed an inch and a half? We’re talking harms from abrasion.

Then there is the weather. What if it is rather cold out? Even at, say, a 50 F ambient temperature, windchill at 55 miles will make it feel like it’s 25 F. In other words from the type of temperature where you may require a light sweater, into the kind of cold where you need long undies and a down coat. Getting wet would chemical that much further.Gear can help when it’s hot, by allowing the body’s natural evaporative cooling effect to happen. Under continuous wind blast, the sweat is ignored your skin too fast for it to have a cooling effect. Wear a (summer) coat, helmet, boots, gloves and pants, however, and your system is free to trendy as intended.

Luckily, mankind has achieved through science what development has failed to provide: motorcycle clothing that protects you from accidents and the components, and makes riding a simpler, more comfortable experience.

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