Most Common UX Mistakes Web Designers Make That Kill Your Website

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We are living in a competitive world where each day, a new app or website is being launched. As a professional graphic designer, you have to keep your eyes open on current trends and have to implement it while developing products. Great UX design is one of the elements that make users happy.


As a user experience designer, you need to consider too many things when you are creating any digital products. From how to attract users to how to generate leads and then help them to solve product-related issues. So when you know that something might go wrong, you should avoid it as soon as possible and come up with a reliable solution.


A bad website UX often makes users angry, and all your efforts will be put into water. Thus, your website or application should provide an engaging user experience and bring new visitors. Unfortunately, many designers fail to follow this and end up with low conversion rates.


# Designing For Yourself 

This is the most common mistake designers often make. Whenever you design by yourself without conducting any research on market trends, competitors, target audience, etc. its called blindness. Hence, you can not meet the needs and expectations of your users.


One can not make a design based on their personal opinion. It should be well- researched, like the entire development team presents some strong opinions about product design.


Suppose you are creating a design for an instacart clone, then the designer needs to separate their personal choice from user preferences. Before designing any product, you need to understand their demand and wants. It is the most important thing to implement. 


# Too Many Cliches 

It is completely fine to follow well-known patterns while developing the product. Customers will appreciate it if your designs stand out from others, but you need to avoid too much simple and primitive designs.


Hence, the key to creating an eye-catchy design is to find the middle ground between simple designs and completely new and modern approaches. All experienced designers follow this same pattern and make creative products.


Make sure your product is clear, simple, and help users to browse it comfortably.


# Forgetting Mobile Visitors 

In 2016, Google first stated that more people are accessing the internet from smartphones than from desktop. So, you can not ignore mobile visitors, as chances are good to generate more traffic and lead via mobile. Hence your application or website should be responsive.


When your website is not responsive, then users will assume that it does not function properly, and customers will leave the site. In short, your web application should be responsive; otherwise, you will lose the traffic that comes from mobile due to poor user experience. 


Usability and Font Issues

Many times web designers keep thin and light fonts on the website, this can be considered as one of the mistakes that designers make most of the time. Therefore when it comes to improving the useability of the site and improving its traffic, then it becomes vital for them to choose the appropriate font and text while for their website development.


More UX design mistakes can actually damage your website or application. Make sure you consider all the things before launching it. We hope that UX designers can try to avoid all these mistakes, understand the user’s point of view, and create smooth and natural products that engage the customers. source:

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