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Moisturizers are cosmetic creations and preparations which work to protect, lubricate, and hydrate the skin. In simple words, it is a thick creamy liquid which is applied on the skin to protect it and leave it soft and shiny. Moisturizers are generally available in lotions, soaps, and cream forms.

Benefits of moisturizing skin:
•    Moisturizing skin reduces skin problems
•    Regular moisturizing reduces exterior blemishes
•    Moisturizing fights fine lines on the skin
•    Helps skin appear and stay young
•    Moisturizing massage increases blood circulation in the skin
•    Repairs dead skin cells
•    Moisturizing for extra glowing skin

Moisturizers are known by several different names or terms in the cosmetic industry, such as creams, lotions, ointments or emollients. All of the stated products are combination and mixture of water and lipids. Among all ointments is the only one with the maximum proportion of lipids.

Creamy substances are emulsions of water in most lipids and generally contain stabilizers in order to keep the ingredients present it from separating. In many cases, creams can be a lesser amount of greaser than ointments. Lotions tend to contain more content of water to lipids, and they are required to be applied more regularly.

There are several types of moisturizers:

•    Emollients- this type of moisturizers contain lipids which are naturally found on the skin and they work to smoothens and softens the skins by lubricating it.

•    Humectants-
it binds water and attracts from all the layers of the skin.

•    Occlusives- it forms a basically hydrophobic film which works to reduce the water loss from the skin.

Moisturizing Essence
Essence in the moisturizer is a concentrate or extract which is obtained usually from plants and is used for scent or flavoring. It also the hydrating layer which primes the skin with an extra layer to absorb creams and serums. These day moisturizers are high in demand because they serve two purposes together of moisturizing and essence leaving the skin shiny and glowing.

Functions of moisturizing essence:
•    Deep penetration leaving skin glowing and soft
•    Unlocks the channel of water in the skin
•    Enables the skin to retain moisture and stay hydrated
•    Provides nutrients to the skin
•    Builds up the process of storing, moisturizing as well as hydrating

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