Modbus – Making Data Acquisition Less Hassling and Making Organizations More Productive!

by Archer Finch Software SCADA

It appears that the whole world is running after the advanced technologies. People really want to take maximum advantage of the most advanced technologies that are announced for the market. And the same sort of approach is also followed at different organizations, businesses and industries. These days, we all want to have the best communication modes. In order to achieve this, we prefer to go for the modern technology and applications as well.

And when you are looking for a robust and productive communication protocol that can make data acquisition simple and less hassling for your organization or business, Modbus is the term that may appear as the top choice. Modbus is the most advanced communication protocol now greatly used by different industrial sectors in order to keep up a smooth flow for data acquisition. If you are ready to accept this as your next communication and data acquisition tool, then there are a few things related to Modbus which you need to know first. Seilco Sistemi is the place where you can get more ideas about Modbus.

Well, you can say that Modbus is the method that can be used to transmit the information between certain electronic devices and over the serial lines. Modbus carries the device that is used to request for the information and known as the master and there are also devices that Modbus carry which use to supply the information and called as the slaves. There should be one master but the slaves count can vary from one to 247 for a Modbus unit. And all these slaves are equipped with unique address. The master in the Modbus is also responsible to write the information and supply it to the slaves.

Why Modbus is used?

As far as Modbus is concerned, this is not just a communication protocol; rather you can say that it’s the open protocol which can be used by the manufacturers in order to develop the required equipments without paying for the royalties. These days, so many manufacturers out there are taking advantage of this open protocol in order to produce equipments. These equipments are designed for different industries and organizations. It’s the Modbus that can transmit the signals from the instrumentation. It can also control the devices while keeping them connected with the prime controller as well as the system used for data acquisition or collection.

How the Modbus works?

Modbus works among the electronic devices that use to take help of the serial lines in order to stay in touch with each other. The simple Modbus setup can be derived as this – it’s the sole serial cable that is connected with the serial ports which are associated with two different devices which are known as the master as well as slave. The collected data is sent in a series format that vary from ones to the zeroes and these are called as the bits. Well, each of these bits can be sent as the voltage. Ones are sent as the negative and the zeroes can be sent as the positive ones. Such bits are also sent faster. For the Modbus, the typical transmission can remain around 9600 baud or bits/second.


Modbus carries the master and slaves which are responsible for data acquisition and transfer. Archer Finch as an expert in this field knows more about the benefits of using Modbus.

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