Mobile Marketing Strategy: How to Build One the Smart Way

by Amanda Kolders Programming

Most people in sales and marketing are familiar with a term called referral marketing or referral marketing. In this article I am going to introduce you to the referral marketing tips, the advantages and the way to do it.

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing, or word-of-mouth marketing, is about getting to know the brand and the service and product at the expense of others. This tactic in digital marketing has become one of the most effective marketing methods today due to increased sales, lower costs and more. Most people today are very attentive to the recommendations of celebrities, their trusted friends and relatives, and usually make purchases from the stores they introduce, making users more trusted by friends and acquaintances than promotional messages from Businesses are themselves, so you have realized how effective this method of marketing is. Looking for the best place to buy mobile traffic?  Look no further!  Our premium mobile traffic is the best way to boost your business quickly and safely.  All our mobile traffic comes from iOS and Android.

What is mobile traffic? The short answer is that it is traffic that comes exclusively from mobile devices as opposed to PC's.  Why is it important to consider as part of a comprehensive marketing plan?  Because more and more people rely on their mobile devices for way more than social media these days.  Reach your prospective customer base wherever they are leveraging this powerful tool.

Here are three of the most important reasons for the importance and impact of referral marketing:

Targeting contacts

In referral marketing, your audience is targeted precisely, meaning your customers and buyers know their friends and surroundings accurately and can easily deliver your promotional message as needed so you can use this By marketing and choosing the right promotional message, you can easily reach new users with your customers' value and brand distinction.

One of the most important pillars of referral marketing, word of mouth, is the principle of trust. When you do not trust someone, not only will you not be trusted with what you say, but you will also not trust that person to buy. For example, when you watch a movie using a friend's product, you find the desire to buy that product without question because it is a trustworthy person for you and the service and product for you have given it a try.

So in marketing your referrals you should always try to use trustworthy people in your advertising. It should be noted that trusted individuals' referral marketing is not just limited to their friends and family, but also any source that they trust can help us, such as news publishers, influencers such as bloggers, social media influencers, and others. Previous customers noted.

Access to Target users

In the past, if you were trying to reach a buyer or consumer of your product, you would have had a lot of trouble, but nowadays with different modern marketing methods and because of the expanding use of cyberspace, advertising in this space by bloggers and celebrities is very effective. This means that if they promote your product and service positively, your sales can increase, and vice versa, if your product is malicious, your sales will decline rapidly, and the important thing is to categorize these people and introduce your brand for Users are in different categories with different tastes and characteristics.

When to use referral marketing?

Each company can use Referral Marketing for the long-term goals of its portfolio , for example many companies aim to increase brand awareness to invite lottery and bonus friends. For example, many collections offer special discounts for attracting leads and databases, sending invitations to your friends by email, or Tops offering free travel to increase orders to invite friends to use the service.

Other successful examples of referral marketing include extremely easy prizes to invite friends to install an app or "master" campaign that you could invite friends to use for free car wash services.

Difference between viral marketing and referral marketing:

Many of the techniques and tactics employed by a digital marketing consultant and manager are only slightly different, for example in viral marketing a brand or an advertisement is publicly available and will not necessarily have a rational gain in the short term but in the referral method. Users invite exactly their friends to a specific landing and specific purpose and do not need public announcement. For example, in a targeted mobile traffic marketing strategy with an app with 100,000 users, launching a friend invite campaign that leads to 40 or 50,000 friends is a big leap, but no viral or social announcements have been made.

Referral Marketing Tips

Note the statistics

Try to find out which communication channels have the most impact on attracting audiences to focus on and invest in them. If you can access these statistics, you can interact more with the methods described by people, sites, and visitors.


Use creative gaming and creative techniques to get your customers to share your product and to be your representative.

It cost a lot of money

Many companies in this area are overindulging, for example, it costs a lot to advertise billboards and costs hundreds of thousands of recruits per user, but only 2 or 3 thousand dollars for sending invitations and attracting users. Or, after a long time, they have no performance statistics for their advertising channels, and this is the pest of targeted email marketing in the USA collections. Therefore, despite the high volume of annoying advertising and high competition from companies, having a successful referral marketing strategy is a win-win.

Keep your customers happy

Offer special services to your customers in order to increase profits and increase the value of your customers so that they can be an automated and targeted organic website traffic representative of your products.

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