Mobile App Development Opportunities in Healthcare

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Mobile applications are the face of the digital revolution in current times. After affordable Smartphones became popular and faster internet connectivity became available to the global population, the need for mobile applications increased. Currently, there are mobile apps for the majority of the domains. It includes ecommerce, bill payments, entertainment, smart trackers and much more. It aids in simplification of various processes and enhancing customer experience. While various industries and domains are already making effective use of mobile apps, the healthcare segment has opened up new prospects for app development companies.

Mobile Application Benefits to Healthcare

Increasing the Healthcare Outreach

There are many parts of the world wherein the medical facilities and consultation are yet not accessible to the general public. The healthcare institutions and personnel often face challenges due to difficult terrain, funds or certain social and political unrest. This hinders the implementation of required medical processes. Mobile apps have better outreach than any other digital platform after the technology innovation took place. They can aid in providing useful information to health conditions, preventive measures and proper medication consultation in case of emergencies.

Precise Medical Diagnosis and Reports

Healthcare segment is a critical arena wherein a small mistake can cost major health loss. It even puts the life of a patient at risk. Mobile app development can play a crucial role in this regard. Mobile applications are capable of performing an accurate diagnosis and generate reports that can aid in administering precise medication. It also seamlessly helps in implementing precise medical measures at the time of emergency.

New Business Model for Referral Management

The traditional referral system included referral pad usage and door-to-door visits. It was time-consuming and not very effective. Now mobile app developers have come up with the cloud-based referral system. Doctors can write referrals conveniently. Digital promotion of healthcare solutions is feasible among patients and service providers.

Bill Payments Made Easy

Mobile-based bill payments are not new to the technology segment. In fact, mobile payment processes have become quite popular in the past couple of years. Healthcare segment can prove to be an effective addition to this list. Dependable payment solutions by top app development companies can be very useful. It reduces the time and effort of the patients and family members. Medical representatives can verify and complete the payment process with much less effort and in a shorter time frame.

Global Mobile Health or mHealth Market

As per published sources, the global mobile health market is anticipated at USD 37 billion in 2019. Healthcare segment is one of the top three segments that witnessed accelerated growth of mobile devices. Currently, there are many healthcare applications in the market. Most popular ones are the fitness trackers, lifestyle apps, stress monitors and nutrition-related applications.

Mobile App Technologies in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the next step towards accurate diagnostics and patient health analysis. Mobile application development services can effectively utilize artificial intelligence to enhance mobile apps for diagnosis and suggestive treatment processes. AI can diagnose patients in a faster way reducing the human effort. The patients will no longer have to wait in long queues for a checkup. The diagnosis will be comprehensive and there are decreased chances of errors.


Blockchain in healthcare is an emerging technology trend. While the prospects for blockchain technology in healthcare are significant, the future looks bright for this technology in the long run. It can be instrumental towards effective management of interoperability of information with enhanced security measure without compromising on the privacy of individuals. It can be used for the creation and implementation of an improved model for health information exchanges (HIE). The creation and maintenance of electronic records can be done seamlessly through blockchain. It has proven benefits for insurance claims by easing out the verification for releasing the claims. The payment process can also be fast-tracked.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of gadgets through the internet and close monitoring and control of the same through mobile apps. This concept can prove to be useful in healthcare. IoT can be enabled in medical instruments such as critical sign monitors, infusion pumps, IVs and such like. All these devices use sensors for data collection.  This information can be transferred to mobile apps for further diagnosis.


Telemedicine is the advanced version of virtual consultation for providing effective clinical healthcare solutions beyond geographic boundaries. It also helps in seeking medical advice round the clock. This flexibility allows patients to set health checkups and medical advice at the time of need. Implementing telemedicine into mobile apps opens new business opportunities for any mobile app development company.

Cloud Services

Data storage and management are one of the primary aspects of any industry. In the healthcare segment, it forms the backbone for every medical process and treatments. However, storing a massive amount of medical data is difficult and tedious at the same time. Cloud services provide technology enhancement towards securely storing a massive amount of medical records. Cloud computing solutions are expected to take the medical segment to the next level.


Healthcare segment is currently experiencing high-end technology reformations. These developments are changing the operational and business process structure of this segment. Precision, timely consultation and treatment are crucial for effective medical services. The technologies like AI, telemedicine, and blockchain in healthcare are major steps towards achieving these factors.

Unified Infotech, a web and mobile application development company based out of New York, has kept a close eye on these healthcare segment trends. Being in the industry for more than a decade, it has provided its mobile app development services to its clients across different industries. Healthcare is no different. As technology experts, we understand and implement the latest trends into application development for best in class client support and objective fulfillment. We ensure that the solutions are in line with client requirements for business success. Kindly get in touch with us for further information regarding our services.

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