Meta Roofing Vs. Concrete Tiles - Which One is Better?

by Roof Tech Roofing Specialist in Auckland

A building with durable roofing increases the value of the property. The world market offers various types of materials for roofing such as metal, cedar, asphalt, wood, and concrete. While considering durability, the name appears in mind is metal and concrete for roofing. Are they durable? Since you cannot install two types of materials, you will have to decide any one of them. 

Below are some key features providing by a roofing specialist in Auckland on both materials to help you choose the best among them.

Metal Roofing

It can be installed on any sloped roof. The standing seam roofing panels are suitable to install on the roof where the slop is less than 2.12.

Metal roofs can withstand natural calamities such as wind, hails, heavy rain and snow. The roofing market offers various types of metal roofs such as steel, aluminum, and copper. A 24 gauge steel panel has excellent resistant to hail. All types of metal roofs don't allow snow to sit too long on their surface. It slips as it starts melting. It can hold heavy snow without any complaint of crack or damage.

Majority of metal roofs don't get damaged when you walk on them. They are walkable.

Metal roofs don't need much maintenance. Low maintenance is a positive feature of the metal roof. Heavy rain itself cleans its surface. Before raining, it is better to clean all clogs so that rainwater can make the metal roof shiny.

Metal sheets have an excellent resistant to heat or fire. They don't burn. Therefore, many insurance companies offer up to 30% rebate on their home insurance policy to homes with a metal roof.

Manufacturers give warranties of up to 50 years on the metal roof. It depends on the type of metal and the geographical area. A  thick and durable metal sheet can last up to 60 years.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles are usually heavier than metal roofs. Each square of the roof can weigh around 950-1000 pounds. So, it is difficult to make concrete tiles fit for any type of sloped roof. Some concrete tiles can install on the roofs minimum 4:12 pitch, but most of them require 6: 12  pitch.

Like metal roofing, concrete tiles can withstand natural calamities. It has good resistant to strong wind. A correctly installed concrete tile can provide better protection against snow. Flat concrete tiles can withstand strong hail.

Concrete is a non-combustible material. It doesn't burn like metal.

Concrete tiles are fragile. Only installation experts can walk on them, else they can break.

Concrete tiles need regular maintenance. Roofs need a close inspection after heavy snowfall or hail to notice any broken, damaged or loose tiles. 

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