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A stylish watch - anytime. A rocking leather bracelet - go ahead. A necklace - think for a moment. But why is it so hesitant? Necklaces are no longer a woman's thing. The modern trendsetter not only makes statements on the wrist but also on the neck. But which styles does it work best with - gold, silver or leather? Here are necklaces men that no one can resist.

Brilliant performance - necklaces men made of gold and silver

They are the epitome of elegance - precious metals. The great rulers, whether Romans, Greeks or Egyptians, had been wearing gold and silver around their necks since ancient times. After all, they wanted to represent something, to stand out from the common people.

It is no different today. If you long for a moment of shine, you can go for gold or silver. The two precious metals are all the more popular for fine occasions such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties or business lunches. With them around their necks, suit, jacket, and shirt look a little more elegant.

The eternal trends are not just forged for a big appearance. They are also welcome in everyday life. After all, who says that elegance always needs a festive occasion? They also bring joy to their wearer on rainy Monday mornings or sunny Wednesday afternoons.

And occasionally they are exactly what a simple look was missing. With a hint of yellow gold, jeans and a T-shirt make a lot more. White gold puts the chunky sweater in a completely different light. Long sleeves and chinos were just waiting for the fine silver note.

Courage to extravagance - necklaces men with medallion

Men's chain necklace likes to take back - but why? Why shouldn't they draw attention to themselves? So how does the necklace with medallion? The extravagant pendant gives the chain strength. Whether in cool silver, in warm gold or with intricately intertwined ornaments - the medallion likes to be in the spotlight.

But not only has the piece of jewelry itself wanted to be seen but also the message in it. Here is space for your loved ones. Carry a photo of your children with you. The late father lives on in the little treasure. Your partner will be at your side around the clock in the future - if only on a photo. It is not for nothing that necklaces with medallions have great potential to become your new lucky charm.

How you combine the supposed lucky charm is entirely up to you. But stylists advice “ less is more ”. Necklaces Men with medallions are eye-catchers enough. Other highlights such as XXL motifs, elaborate applications or bright logos are not necessarily the most advantageous combination partners. Casual is better: You can't go wrong with jeans, a T-shirt, a lumberjack shirt or a sweat jacket.

Small styling tip: Necklaces Men with romantic medallions go in the direction of Gothic. Organic elements such as intricate floral patterns are particularly reminiscent of the dark romanticism of the Middle Ages. The striking pieces of jewelry with leather, rivets and wideband shirts in the Gothic style harmonize all the better.

Military flair - necklaces men with a dog tag

The rectangular metal marks seem familiar to us. But where have we seen her before? We know them from the military. The military dog tags serve as a model for the masculine-inspired necklaces. And you can see that too. Power, masculinity, and determination radiate dog tag chains.

The popular military pendant shows off its masculine touch, especially on the casual leather strap. The more elegant alternative: a combination of leather and silver. The mixture of elegant and rough not only looks good but also scores with stability. Because as the saying goes: double-doubled lasts better.

Sensitivity is required when styling dog tag chains. With a stunning look, the dog tag necklace is not alone. Rocky elements support them. Wide leather bracelets and eye-catching metal rings are ideal. A common thread is also possible with bandanas. Whether with a trendy paisley print or timeless camouflage pattern - the trendy clothes go perfectly with the rock necklaces men. Military charm is also expressly desired for the rest of the outfit. Muscle shirts, cargo pants, and leather jackets provide a cool overall impression.

Incidentally, the dog tag chains are also extremely good as proof of love. As a partner variant, they show in their very own way, we belong together.

Pure masculinity - necklaces made of stainless steel

In addition to its masculine charisma, the classic material also has another ace up its sleeve: its stability. The relationship to the decorative piece of jewelry is usually not short-lived. Thanks to its hard and resistant surface, nobody can harm it so quickly. With stainless steel, you hardly have to worry about small cracks, abrasions or chipped edges.

Even when it comes to styling, the beautiful defense talent does not make any great demands. His only condition: a casual touch must be included. A sporty striped shirt is just right for him. But there is nothing wrong with a rock band shirt with a used look. It doesn't say no to the loosely cut wool sweater either. Even men's necklaces are not averse to fine business shirts. Finally, sporty and elegant results in some exciting contrast.

Curb chains - necklaces men with a slim fit

The trend-conscious man pays attention to a slim fit not only when it comes to clothing. It can also be tight-fitting for men's necklaces. The tank chain has all the better cards. The flat, twisted links almost merge with the skin. No other necklace can achieve this much physical contact.

A man naturally wants to flaunt this extravagance. It is not for nothing that he prefers to wear this figure-hugging piece of jewelry with slim-fit shirts with a neckline. Whether a wide round neckline, a teasing V-neck or a buttoned shirt - the main thing is the curb chain.

A little styling tip: Is your white t-shirt too monotonous for you? Your black long sleeve will certainly not win a creativity award. The gray wool sweater makes you look really pale? Why not spice up boring looks with a high-quality curb chain? Whether sporty silver or luxurious gold - the sophisticated braid gets the best out of your colorless wardrobe.

Necklaces men with cross motif - long live the Middle Ages

Stately castles, splendid armor and a mysterious flair that is second to none - no wonder that the middle Ages cast a spell over us. The time of knights and damsels may be over. But she lives on in our jewelry - especially in necklaces men with large crosses. The coveted motif already adorned our necks in the middle Ages. And it has defended this mystical charm to this day.

You hit the bulls-eye with XXL crosses - the bigger and more striking, the trendier. And glamour shouldn't be neglected in the cross trend either. Silver and zirconium stones pimp up the medieval classic. And this rarity is much too good to hide behind the shirt collar. She wants to get attention. For a simple round-neck shirt or a simple long-sleeved shirt, this is also certain. On cool days, just put on fashionable denim or bomber jacket and you're done with the trend style.

Beautiful individualists - necklaces men with personality

Jewelry must adorn - no question about it. If the piece of jewelry also has something personal about it, so much the better. It is not without reason that modern trendsetters swear by necklaces for men with expressive pendants.

From expressive but everyone have their own ideas. For some, it is the first letter of the first name, for others the own zodiac sign. Others prefer to define themselves through their hobbies and passions. So the beloved motorcycle must not be missing on the chain.

But don't worry: Necklaces Men with personal initial charms pendant don't have to look cheesy. In minimalist silver or on coarse link chains, masculinity is not left behind.



On the trail of the aristocracy - necklaces men in a royal style

The king chain is not like the others. Instead of using individual links and eyelets, she always uses several at once. This also explains its extraordinary network. The many elements cleverly nestle together. The braid pattern is barely recognizable at first glance. The design is too original.

The king's men's chains is not a classic everyday chain. She prefers to save for special occasions. It turns out to be a stylish accompaniment to both Christmas dinner and on the large birthday table. The royal treasure comes into its own even better with festive packaging. She still feels most comfortable with a jacket, shirt or tuxedo.

A little styling tip: Anyone who trumps necklaces doesn't need a tie or bow tie anymore. You can also leave the pocket square or the cufflinks in your closet with a clear conscience.

XL - extra-long necklaces men

The XL trend has long since arrived in women. Now he also wraps the gentlemen around his finger. Recently, necklaces men no longer have to reach down to the clavicle. You can cross the magic line - the more, the better.

In terms of material, the long necklaces men agree with everything. Chic Yellow Gold Diamond Initial Jewelry is always possible. The simpler opponent in silver is just as welcome. Stylish rose gold is also convenient for men. Bicolor appeals above all to the trendsetter who loves to experiment.

The different types of chains also demonstrate diversity. Whether filigree Figaro chain, narrow Venetian chain, classic cable chain or convertible anchor chain - there is certainly no shortage of choices for the XL trend.

The biggest hurdle has been overcome: You have chosen a model. Now there is only one question left: How do you style the XL chain? The combination rule is simple: shift down a gear. The more striking your rest of the outfit is, the more the new chain trend goes under. And he would be too good for that. With monochrome tops in black, white, gray, beige or navy blue, however, it ensures full attention.

Fair necklaces men - noble conscience

Necklaces for men are not the only thing that matters. Manufacturing also counts. Anyone who has their necklaces manufactured under fair conditions is very trendy. In this way, you are not only doing something good for yourself but also for others. Secure jobs, adequate wages and fair working hours - no one has to make sacrifices for the other's glorious moments. Both sides get their money's worth.

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